Pavan & Manasa Wedding Story
From the 1st meet to the day of the Wedding, Manasa and Pavan spoke to each other for a total of 4 hours 29 mins! Manasa & Pavan met on a matrimonial site and from then on, everything happened within a few months! The couple couldn't keep up with all the planning and the overwhelming feeling at first but then as Manasa said, "When you're a South Indian, all decisions are made by the parents." At first, Manasa thought that the parents were deciding everything for them but then, breathed a sigh of relief because without them, all the preps wouldn't have been possible. Somehow the whole family managed to do all the Wedding planning, and shopping given the short amount of time and managed to successfully execute the Wedding ceremony.
Service Providers
I bought antique jewellery from Kushal Jewels. I don't like heavy jewellery and knew that I would never wear all that after my Wedding day.
We cancelled the pre-wedding shoot from the package because of the lack of time due to Pavan's busy schedule. It was just conventional and Candid photography. My family lmore...
Inhouse decorators by VenueMysore
The Wedding theme was basic. White orchids and roses were my choice of flowers. Since the Wedding theme was simple, we had Mandap decorations done in the morning.
I was too particular about my make-up, I didn't want garish makeup which would make me look like a halloween princess. I met many makeup artists before I decided to go wimore...
Prashanth is one of Pavan's relatives and we wanted to hire someone who would know how to prepare food for a Madhva Brahmin ceremony (since madhvas refrain from eating cemore...
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