Mahesh & Ishwarya Wedding Story
Ishwarya and Mahesh took the traditional route and found love along their Wedding Planning journey. In this beautiful arranged marriage, Ishwarya and Mahesh enjoyed their Wedding day and the days leading upto the Wedding. This was a traditional South Indian Wedding and the couple decided to go with Matrimony Bazaar to hire service providers for their Wedding. Ishwarya's amazing sense of style and choice of Jewellery can be seen in these Wedding photos. Her choice of sarees include the Wedding Kasavu saree, a beautiful Orange and Green combination saree, and a Dark blue - Pista coloured saree. The dimply bride looked absolutely stunning and clearly, love is in the air for this happy couple!
Service Providers
Raldia EventsTrivandrum
Our whole family was particular about decorations and the decorator delivered whatever we expected. The venue was decked up like a bride and we couldn't have been happiermore...
Raldia EventsTrivandrum
The makeup artist was one of the best in Trivandrum. She was extremely professional and understood my style perfectly.
Raldia EventsTrivandrum
A special thanks to the photography team for their excellent service! We're in love with the pictures!
Raldia EventsTrivandrum
Going with Matrimony Bazaar's recommendation was the best thing we did while organizing the Wedding. They connected us to Raldia Events, who handled various aspects of oumore...
Subramanium HallTrivandrum
This venue was amazing. Anyone looking for a venue with all facilities, and traditional backdrops, should go for this Venue
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