Jithin & Aathira Wedding Story
Jithin & Aathira met via matrimony.com and have been inseparable since then. Being the model son and model daughter to their respective parents, the couple said that their parents played a huge role in the planning process of their wedding. All decisions were taken as a family and hence the burden of planning a big wedding was divided among all of them. This made the overall process enjoyable. The best part about this Wedding was how they divided and assigned different tasks to both the Bride and the Groom's side so that each family can handle all the aspects of the Wedding easily. All in all, Aathira and Jithin feel that it was not very difficult to plan their Wedding. We found many vendors through our friends and relatives. Thanks to Matrimony Bazaar for helping us with the photography.
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Matrimony PhotographyErnakulam
The photographers were good and clicked amazing photos. Big thanks to Matrimony photography team! There is still scope for improvement and the matrimony team will get onlmore...
Saiju wedding caterersErnakulam
The food was very tasty. The service was good and the quality of food was also good. They were punctual and maintained cleanliness throughout the day.
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