Frank & Rahitya Wedding Story
This Makeup Artist did her own Wedding Makeup and took Frank's breath away! Rahitya and Frank's lovely Christian Wedding took place at a local Church. Rahitya looked truly beautiful and the handsome Frank couldn't keep his eyes off her. The couple said that communication is the key while planning a Wedding. They're extremely happy that they had their family members throughout their Wedding planning journey, who helped them in all aspects of the Wedding and took care of all the execution. Rahtiya was very particular about including Gulab Jamoon in their Wedding menu because Frank is extremely fond of the dish. They only hired local vendors to promote business within their locality. Such a thoughtful couple!
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Matrimony PhotographyHyderabad
We opted for Candid Photography for our wedding. We also had a pre-wedding shoot. The Photographers were very cooperative and took our photos without us having to pose.
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