Amit & Sapna Wedding Story
Sapna and Amit though knew each other as kids, ended up together only because of Amit's mother. Sapna & Amit were destined to be together forever. For over 10 years, Sapna and Amit were neighbours and our lover boy had a crush on her since then. They never spoke to each other but Amit's Mother had plans of her own. In 2017, she secretly proposed Amit's name to Sapna's parents. Amit didn't have a clue! A few days later Amit was shocked to see that the girl whom he was supposed to meet was his childhood crush!. Amit says that this was a blessing in disguise and the happy couple had an awesome North Indian style Wedding. While planning, instead of burdening just the girl's side of the family, the couple handled and managed all the tasks together as a family. The Marwadi food they had arranged for was amazing and rich in flavors. Amit and Sapna proudly said that everyone who attended the wedding praised the quality of the food. They had almost 15-20 varieties of sweets, savories, and other main dishes. Both happily exclaimed that the whole Wedding Planning Process was awesome and amazing service was provided from everyone who was involved in the planning of their Wedding
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Matrimony PhotographyGulbarga
A big thanks to the Matrimony Bazaar team for connecting us to this Studio. We were amazed at the level of service and professionalism that they showed! Great punctualitymore...
Yash KothariGulbarga
Venue was really good. Everyone loved the ambience.
Her service was excellent! Shraddha was very professional and my makeup was exactly done as per my requirements.
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