Sreelakshmi & Akhil
A love story for the ages. Sreelakshmi and Akhil's love story is one that goes way back in time.

Set in the picturesque countryside of Andhra Pradesh, Sreelakshmi and Akhil met when they were very young. She was his neighbour and a very good friend. From the very first moment they met, Akhil and Sreelakshmi knew that they shared something special. Their love for each other only grew over time but they never confessed their feelings to each other. As Akhil and Sreelakshmi were about to part ways for work, Akhil knew that he could not let the love of his life go. Akhil's sister was a close friend to Sreelakshmi and reached out to her to set a mutual date. One date led to another and the rest as we know it is history.

Set in the holy city of Tirupati, Akhil wed Sreelakshmi in a beautiful south Indian wedding. The wedding was decorated in a vibrant yellow, orange, and red floral theme. The very entrance of the venue was beautifully decorated with a yellow garland entryway and the flowers added to the aroma. Akhil and Sreelakshmi's wedding perfectly conveyed the message that their wedding was a celebration of the two. As the bride bid vidaai to her family, an emotional moment in time was beautifully captured by "Wedding Bells Photography" resonating in all our hearts forever.

Some love stories are just so epic, they deserve to be told over and over again as proof that love is real. For instance, this story of lasting childhood romance will not only warm your heart but also make you wish that you had gotten together with that cutie who grew up down the street from your childhood home.
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