What is the future of Wedding Planning after COVID-19

What happens to weddings post eradication of COVID-19? How to plan weddings then? Click here to know.

“This too shall pass”

We were fine with our normal lives, the same routine, the same work, the same faces, etc.. Weekdays involved waking up early in the morning, going to the office, coming back home, and sleeping. Then weekends came, the sweet sleep lasted longer, partying with friends, and ordering food online. This is how our lives were. Then came something which blew our minds - Coronavirus. Offices shut, hotels started maintaining extra hygiene, hospitals ran out of help, the whole nation went under lockdown! 

While we hope things get to normal, there will be some adverse effects as well. Most of us are sure that a global economic recession is going to hit everyone and it is going to be worse than a decade ago.. However, one thing that most of us would worry about is weddings. Most couples who had planned weddings in 2020 have had their share of the pity party. 

The weddings scheduled at the beginning of 2020 somehow happened until mid-March. Later, things turned ugly and the whole nation had to go under lockdown. Everyone went clueless and worried. Here are some adverse effects that happened on weddings due to novel coronavirus:

  1. Financial loss

Most service providers have certain cancellation policies. Based on that, couples got back 80% to 90% of the advance that they had paid, yet most of them were at a loss. 

Not to forget that the service providers were also at a loss as they would have purchased raw materials or spent some money for wedding preparation

Moreover, since lockdown, the business of the service providers are on halt due to weddings being postponed. Overall, everyone is at a loss.

  1. Guests stuck in wedding destinations

This is definitely unfortunate. Most guests would have travelled across the nation or internationally to attend a wedding. While some of them had restrictions to cross the borders, some of them managed to attend the wedding venue but alas! Got stuck. In this situation, both the hosts and guests will be helpless. 

  1. Efforts in vain

So many wedding checklists, planning sessions, visiting the service providers, etc.. All these efforts are in vain as the wedding is either cancelled or postponed. However, there is something positive here - you can still plan and make a better version of your dream wedding. How? Check out our range of wedding services and book them now!

  1. Human health is in an endangered situation

This is the reason why everyone is insisting on self-isolation. However, weddings are an occasion for meeting and greeting with your friends and family. Although many couples have taken measures to make sure hygiene is not compromised, there are cases where people would have been affected with the virus in the later stages.

  1. No destination weddings

Yes, at this time of the year, it’s highly risky to opt for destination weddings. We do understand that many couples would have dreamt of a wedding in Italy or Jaipur. Some would’ve even planned and packed their bags as well. However, health comes first. Therefore, it is highly advised to avoid destination weddings

However, one might raise a question saying that at a destination wedding, there would be fewer guests and chances of the virus spreading is less. One thing to remember is, anyone can get affected with the virus even if they meet one person who is affected by the virus. Moreover, due to the travel restrictions, many people would be stuck in their homes, hostels, etc.. The moment travel restrictions are removed, there would be hectic travel due to which the chances of the virus affecting anyone are high.

  1. High demand for service providers post the lockdown

As everyone is postponing the wedding, bookings are still open to reserve the services on the said wedding date. There are high chances that the later part of 2020 and 2021 might see a rise in the number of weddings. 

Therefore, service providers are now packed with slots but until the weddings happen, they are supposed to be under lockdown as well. Their business will also be affected as nobody is sure of when things go back to normal. For weddings after lockdown, book now to get your wedding-related services.

Now that we have seen the effects of the virus on weddings, let’s see how to bear with the current situation and plan the wedding:

  1. Discuss with your family

Now that weddings are either getting cancelled or postponed, discuss with your family. Decide whether you want to postpone your summer wedding to a winter wedding or for the next year. Once you decide to postpone the wedding, contact your pandit or priest to ask for the auspicious muhurtham for your wedding. If this doesn’t work out, you can decide on cancelling the wedding and once the situation becomes normal, you can move on to plan again.

  1. Take care of the priorities

First things first, call all your service providers and inform them about your decision. If you have postponed the wedding, mention the dates to them so that they can let you know their availability. If you had ordered anything like flowers, snacks, etc., which are perishable, cancel them immediately. 

  1. Inform guests of the inconvenience

If you have invited your guests, send across a ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’ message. Let them know that the wedding is either postponed or cancelled so that they don’t come to the wedding venue and get surprised. Inform your closer relatives who are part of the wedding planning, about your decision, so that they plan the wedding accordingly.

  1. Payments and Cancellation policies

Most service providers will have certain cancellation policies. Be aware of them and act accordingly. Based on this, get the refund. If you have already paid the advance and have decided to postpone the wedding, there are chances that the same service provider is available for the updated wedding dates. In that case, you can either let the advance be with the service provider or take it back and you can pay them later.

  1. Follow up with service providers

There are cases where the service providers might not be available on the postponed day of your wedding. In such cases, you might have to find service providers across different platforms like MatrimonyBazaar

When you pre-book wedding-related services, make sure you follow up. This is because you haven’t met them in person yet and you might have changed plans at any given point of time. Therefore, make sure you inform your service providers about the same and follow up with their updates as well.

  1. Change of destination

In case you have planned a destination wedding or a wedding in your hometown, we highly recommend you to check the status of the virus there. Any risk would be fatal to you and your wedding guests. Make sure you change the wedding venue to a place where there are fewer risks of getting in contact with the virus. 

  1. Couples - talk to each other

This is a tough time for you and your partner and we can’t agree more. Be with each other, virtually though, and talk about how you feel. Cherish those memories and support each other’s back. Listen to your partner and calm them. Have faith that things are going to become normal.

  1. Re-plan and make way for innovation

Wedding postponed, no worries! Re-plan your wedding and try to innovate more. Now that you are isolated at home, this is the right time to bring out your hobbies. 

If you like painting, you can paint and that art can be used for your wedding decoration. If you are a dancer, then awesome! Plan a surprise sangeet dance dedicated just for your partner. Same applies for singers

  1. Prioritise virtual wedding over a big fat Indian wedding

There are couples who can’t afford to postpone or cancel a wedding. There is a solution for that as well - Virtual or Digital weddings. Yes, you heard that right, thanks to the technology. Zoom weddings are a trend now. People are not only getting married, but trying innovative ways to perform different wedding ceremonies like sangeet ceremony, engagement ceremony, etc..

Don’t panic. Stay calm and wait for this lockdown and effects of the virus to end. Just calm your mind, self-care, plan your wedding virtually, and stay safe. To make things easy for you, we, at, MatrimonyBazaar are helping you to plan a stress-free wedding. 

Our wedding planning experts from WeddingAssist are here to get in touch with you, listen to your requirements, and help you book the right service provider. The range of services includes wedding venues, wedding catering, wedding photography, honeymoon, bridal makeup, mehendi, etc..

For more info, email us at care@matrimonybazaar.com or ring us on +91 812 422 2266. 

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