What is Matrimony Bazaar and Wedding Assist?

Matrimony Bazaar plans to build a one-stop-platform for all wedding-related services so that couples and families can plan their dream wedding, without any worries

At Matrimony.com, we are proud to say that we have helped create lakhs of happy marriages via our matchmaking services, which is the most trusted brand in India.

Over the course of years, we felt that we were capable of serving these happy couples and families much more if we could help them in other ways. Also, the couples who found their match on our platform, gave us invaluable feedback. They wanted us to help them find the perfect vendors as well for their wedding. The trust and love from our customers is what we strive for and we thought we should venture into the services aspect of a marriage.

Matrimony Bazaar is the outcome of this. We were planning to build a one-stop-platform for all wedding-related services so that couples  and families could plan their dream wedding, without any worries and Matrimony Bazaar is the result of that.

You can get in touch with various service providers like Caterers, Venues, Decorators, Makeup artists, Jewellery stores, Wedding clothing designers, etc..

You might wonder that there are other sites who provide listing services and why you should choose Matrimony Bazaar.

The answer to that is two-fold - Firstly, the fact that our platform only showcases trusted and verified service providers and our Wedding Assist Services.

When we began building a platform that allows couples and families who are planning a wedding, we decided to put in the extra effort needed to retain the love and trust you have come to associate with Bharat Matrimony and all our offerings. We did so by making sure we only bring on board trusted and verified service providers who match up to our stringent standards followed by a rigorous background check process. This way, every time you shortlist a service provider or get a quote from a wedding-related service provider on Matrimony Bazaar, you are assured of high quality and safety.

When we thought about building a wedding services marketplace, it felt that we offering merely the ability to discover the best service providers would count as incomplete assistance to our customers. Our goal is to provide a complete solution to all wedding needs. The perfect answer to the needs of today’s couples and families that’s make us an all-in-one wedding services platform is ‘Wedding Assist.’

Wedding Assist is the brainchild of Matrimony Bazaar. Assisted service is what you have been waiting for in the event planning field.

Wedding Assist is primarily, assisted wedding planning where a dedicated Wedding Planning Expert will get in touch with you, understand your requirements, and then match you with the perfect vendor or set of vendors based on your requirements. We put in as much care and detail as a Bride puts in the planning of her Wedding dress.

Along with this, the Wedding Planning Expert will also negotiate (bargain), plan, and coordinate with the vendor so that you can relax. Once all this is done, the expert will get back to you with the perfect wedding vendor(s) for you. It is as easy as that! No more calling up 5 different vendors 50 different times, just to tell them your requirements. You sit back and relax while we do the job.

You can opt for Wedding Assist Service for your whole wedding, or for a part of the wedding; It is up to you. We will help you either way.

Wedding Assist service is the need of the hour for customers young and old. In today’s busy life, who has the time to waste on haggling with Wedding Caterers, or Wedding Decorators while you could spend that time with your friends and family? Our long work hours and traffic blues is enough to drain the energy out of us. On top of this if you have to talk to multiple people and coordinate with them, imagine the kind of stress you’d feel.

With our services, you have all the stress taken out of the planning process. We aim to make your life simpler and happier. From Engagement ceremony assistance to Honeymoon tour packages and everything in between that, we will assist you.

The best part of Wedding Assist is that not only do you get all the stresses taken out at a nominal fee, you also get exclusive deals and discount for every service that you opt for. Thus, more the number of services, more the amount of savings.

You can organise any kind of functions like Engagement Ceremony, Mehndi Ceremony, Haldi Ceremony, Kalyanam, Reception, Wedding party, etc..

For Wedding Assist services, just let us know your requirements and we’ll get in touch with you. Hire the best wedding service providers easily with our help. Click here to know more. For more info you can email us on care@matrimonybazaar.com or call us on +91 8124222266.

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