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Wedding planning (and Event Planning in general,) is one of the niche areas that is still cumbersome and hence, time consuming.

Ever since the Stone ages, mankind’s objective has been to make life easier.  From the invention of the wheel to the self-driving car, our need to make things simpler is innate. For instance, you want to book a cab? There’s Uber- one click away. Do you want to buy a book, there’s Amazon- another click away. You don’t know something? Just Google!

If you shop quite often on Amazon or commute everyday for work, you’ll agree that it seems impossible to go back to those days of relying solely on libraries for reading and hailing autos for travel. It feels like using pagers in the era of smartphones. Do you see how we’ve been adapting to live a lifestyle of convenience?

This convenience is simply addictive and this addiction is the reason behind so many innovative solutions to get away with all boring tasks.

Wedding planning (and Event Planning in general,) is one of the niche areas that is still cumbersome and hence, time consuming. Imagine you are planning for an upcoming event. You will have to find an available party hall, call up the caterers, hire a photographer, shop for necessary stuff… not to forget  the pressure of making the event a success while staying within your budget. In this hassle, you might end up developing event-planning phobia or even worse, forget to experience the celebration of the event. Seems so old-fashioned and annoying. Makes you wish for an easier way of going about it. Right?

Well, this is exactly what Matrimony Bazaar aims to achieve.

Matrimony Bazaar allows you to easily plan your much-awaited wedding within a few clicks of the button. Having understood the value of time, we eliminate the need for you to make multiple phone calls just to explain your requirements thus saving tons of time. Matrimony Bazaar has developed a platform called Wedding Assist which allows you to shortlist and finalise verified and exclusive service providers via one single point of contact for a very nominal fee.

You can include a range of services like caterers, photographers, decorators, venues, and much more. The mammoth task of planning, coordinating, and organizing your upcoming event is completed within few minutes with the help of Wedding Assist. Payment is also made seamless and fast as we accept online payments. Seems pretty easy, right? Planning doesn’t feel like a pain anymore! Call us or chat with us if you aren’t yet convinced.

Also, no more stress of negotiating, checking quotes from different vendors and worrying about their credentials. Matrimony Bazaar  assures the best deals that are reliable and affordable.

With Matrimony Bazaar, planning a wedding is now as simple as it can get!

Armed with all this information, don’t you want to experience how simple it is to plan an event with Matrimony Bazaar? Click here.

Just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll get in touch with you. Hire the best wedding service providers easily with our help. For more info, you can email us on or call us on +91 8124222266.

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