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While time travel remains a distant dream, we do have the luxury of mimicking it through photos and videos. Boon or bane, our memory is short lived. The only way to see how we looked when we were two years old or see how our parents looked when they were young adults, is by getting that album which is safely stored in the dusty attic or by browsing old photos on our devices. Sadly, we cannot dive into our memories in the form of flashbacks like in the magical world of Harry Potter.

However, we browse through photos repeatedly on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos on a daily basis. This behaviour shows how photos and videos have become a major part of our lives.

To satisfy this need for visual documentation, Matrimony Bazaar assists you with finding the best photographers and videographers in town. Our processes make wedding planning simple and hassle-free.

Traditional photography and videography:

Why Matrimony Bazaar? If you have tried to host any wedding, you will know the troubles associated with organising an event. Trying to coordinate with the photographer just to schedule a meeting, only to be told that he / she is not available on those dates, negotiating prices, asking for samples and then rinse, repeat; Not to forget all the other  event-related arrangements you have to take care of.

Themed photography for your wedding reception, video shoot for the ‘Dhaare’ or those highlights from the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony; you name it and we are glad to assist. We understand the importance of traditions associated with each ritual that is a part of your wedding. Matrimony Bazaar would love to make sure that each of these memories are well recorded in your life's book. Few years down the lane, you will be cherishing all of these with a nice big smile. Book a photography and videography team via Matrimony Bazaar’s Wedding Assist.

Pre-wedding photoshoot:

Matrimony Bazaar also helps you with recording and saving memories with perfect backdrops before you tie the knot. We help you stay ahead of the crowd by having photoshoots at the most romantic locations. The popular "pre-wedding photoshoot" will be the perfect start to your wedding celebrations. All of these can be arranged without breaking your head or burning a hole in your pocket. Reach out to us to find out more about pre-wedding photoshoot.

Candid photography and videography:

Candid photos are those that capture emotions in their natural form. They contain no artificial flavors. These photos touch the beholder's heart within seconds. Remember that look of love and affection in your significant other's eyes when they saw you for the first time in your wedding attire? Now imagine reliving that moment again and again. Feels good, doesn't it? Record such memories and much more with candid photography.

Drone photography:

Have you climbed ten flights of stairs just to click the perfect picture? All of us have roamed around a million times to get that exact angle and have secretly wished for wings. This is (in part) possible now, with Drone photography! With Matrimony Bazaar by your side, you can arrange for aerial photography for your Reception or any other wedding related ceremony, and make your dreams come true.

The flying camera captures those exact details that you had hoped to capture. Just like roombas and chatbots that are making our lives easier, drone cameras are simplifying photoshoots. Being a fan of technology ourselves, Matrimony Bazaar brings to you the most advanced and stylish ways of clicking photos and recording events. Remember - we are just a click away before you fly that special sky lantern or host the next quidditch game!

Live Streaming:

With nuclear families living on different continents being the norm, in-person attendance cannot be taken for granted. Matrimony Bazaar's got you covered though.

Do not worry if you have friends or family members working in Paris or Los Angeles while you are planning to celebrate a wedding here in your hometown. They will still be able to view the entire event with ease - be it live or in the form of a recorded video. With Matrimony Bazaar, hire the best Photographers who will capture each and every part of the ceremony.

At Matrimony Bazaar, we wish to make your events and the memories associated with them more special and everlasting by helping you book the best photographers and videographers in town.

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