Wedding Games to keep your Guests Entertained

Indian weddings are a grand affair, filled with, dance, sangeet, and family-time to get the party going. But at the back of every couple’s mind is a thought that lingers “What If our wedding is boring??”

Indian weddings are a grand affair, filled with, dance, sangeet, and family-time to get the party going. But at the back of every couple’s mind is a thought that lingers “What If our wedding is boring??” 

Our Wedding planning expert - Aditi says “ A Wedding is only as boring as its wedding entertainment” - which we could not agree more on. To amp things up, our wedding planning expert - has come up with 6 very exciting games that are a sure bet to have your guests entertained. Of course, the concept of wedding games isn't new, as there have been traditional Indian wedding games as well, but bringing a modern twist to this form of wedding entertainment can set your wedding apart from the others.

1. Word Games

Give each guest a story booklet filled with words (either about the newlyweds or other fun subjects) and let your guests complete the stories together. Mix things up by adding wedding-themed crossword puzzles, riddles, or a trivia —have guests complete them as a group or in pairs.  

2. Shoes For A Fee

‘Joota Chupai’ or ‘Joota Chori’ literally translates to ‘hiding the shoes’. Before the bride and groom step inside the Mandap for the wedding ceremony, they are asked to remove their footwear and can only leave the mandap wearing the same pair. During this time, the bride’s sisters steal the groom’s shoes and hold them ransom for a  hefty fee.

Pro Tip: If you’re the groom, carry two pairs of the footwear you’re wearing. This way, you’ll be one step ahead of your saalis and a sure way to surprise them. 

3. Find the Ring

Find the ring is a classic wedding game common in almost all Indian Weddings.  Here’s how you go about it - Fill a bowl with milk, rose petals, turmeric, and, the wedding ring. Add a couple of metal objects into the mix as well to throw the couple off. The couple must find these rings and whoever finds the ring first, is said to have the upper hand in the marriage. 

4. Switch things up with Karaoke

The Karaoke, also known as the machine which makes everybody sing like A.R Rehman.  Karaoke’s are great and a fun way to break the ice between your in-laws. All you really need is a Karaoke machine, a mic, and a monitor or a screen to read the lyrics off from. 

5. Paper Dance

This is a well-known game involving couples. In this game, spread a sheet of paper on the floor, and each couple has to dance on this sheet. The catch here is that they should not step out of the sheet. As the music changes, keep folding a part of the paper that they are dancing on. As the size of the paper decreases, it gets trickier to hold balance still. 

6. Scavenger Hunt

Wedding venues are the perfect place to have a scavenger hunt. Especially if it's an outdoor wedding because you get a lot of room to hide your clues. Spread the clues across the venue and split into teams. Mix the teams up with your in-laws and you’ll be sure to get to know them better. Keep exciting prizes like a couple’s date night package at a five-star resort or a fully-paid trip for two.

You’ll be very busy at your wedding and we are certain of that, but small things like making sure your guests feel involved during the games can make all the difference to them. Let us help you make that difference - with Wedding Assist, our dedicated wedding planning expert will take care of all your wedding-related planning needs.

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