Wedding Catering 101: A Guide to North Indian style Wedding Catering

Serving your guests authentic North Indian food has never been this easy.

Serving your guests authentic North Indian food has never been this easy.

The Northern part of India is known for several things - A mere mention of North India conjures up images of the Taj Mahal, the Thar Desert, and several other landmarks. However, the one export from North India that people all over the world love is undoubtedly the food. At Matrimony Bazaar, if we were to describe North Indian food in a line, it would be exactly like a 90’s kid describing the Powerpuff girls - “Sugar, spice, and everything nice.”

As tasty as it sounds, it is no mean task to whip up authentic North Indian food. North Indians use more than five types of dal on a daily basis. A common misconception is that, North Indian food is a mixture of a lot of Garlic, Onion, and one universal “Garam masala” but it is far from the truth.  

We at Matrimony Bazaar, understand how complex yet delicious North Indian food can get, if made in the right way. We make sure our catering partners give you your money’s worth. Cooking North Indian food can get messy at times. Keeping this in mind, we constantly check the workspaces of our catering partners to maintain hygienic standards.

At Matrimony Bazaar, we also understand how difficult finding a good North Indian caterer in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., can be. We assist you in finding the best caterers suitable for your needs. Be it small or big weddings, we promise to give you the best food.  

Our Wedding Assist service lets you relax by talking and negotiating with the vendors on your behalf. We assist you in finalizing the vendors and get you the best deals possible.

Below is a list of services that our North Indian Caterers offer:

North Indian Breakfast for Wedding Ceremony

The usual North Indian breakfast fare consists of various types of parathas among other delicacies. The common ones being: Aloo Paratha (Potato), Muli Paratha (Radish), Pyaaz Paratha, etc.. There is also the infamous ‘Puri aloo sabji’ served with chilled buttermilk. The practice of having a kachori or samosa with aloo sabji is also common. As the weather in the northern part of the country is always in the extremes, the food preparations also vary with the changes in weather conditions. During winter, people eat dishes like ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ or ‘Sooji ka Halwa’ for breakfast. We will get you in touch with the best caterers as we believe in treating your event as our own.

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Different types of starters in North Indian cuisine

Our catering partners not only serve the traditional chaats, but also finger-food like Gobi Manchurian, Chicken kebab, French-fries, and other such dishes. There are several varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, some of them being: the Hara-Bhara kebab, Chicken tikka, Paneer tikka, etc..

We also serve other North Indian Cuisines like 'Maharashtrian,’ 'Gujarati,’ ‘Rajasthani.’ Hence, dishes like 'Dal Bati,’ ‘Sabudhana Vada,’ 'Theplas,’ 'Dhokla,’ and various such items from various cuisines are also available with us. Everyone appreciates a little change from the usual. Keeping this in mind, our caterers give you complete freedom to customise your meal as you wish and have the best from every cuisine you can think of.

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Main Course - Breads that you can serve for your wedding

An authentic North Indian meal is hard to find, especially the right combination of breads and curries. This is precisely what our catering partners at Matrimony Bazaar promise to deliver.

The typical North Indian menu contains many varieties of bread such as: Naan, Kulcha, Tandoori Roti, Tawa Roti, Rumali Roti, etc.. These have specific methods of preparation and our team at Wedding Assist likes giving you the authentic North Indian food experience. Then again, these are the least complex items on a North Indian menu.

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Main Course - Popular Gravies and Rice dishes for your wedding ceremony

Gravies are of great importance in a North Indian meal. An inexperienced caterer usually cannot pull off a decent “Paneer Butter Masala,” or a spiced up “Butter Chicken,” but this isn’t the case with our catering partners. Gravies like Palak paneer, Chicken Ghee roast, Chicken kheema, Malai Kofta, etc., are cooked to perfection by our caterers.

The rice items usually include steamed basmati rice, Jeera rice, Pulaos, and biryanis. To go with these, varieties of Dals like Dal Makhani, Dal Tadka, Dal fry, etc., are prepared. There are also varieties of raitas the North Indians are famed for making. At Matrimony Bazaar, we connect you to caterers who make sure all the dishes that you wish to have, are prepared without having to compromise on quality and quantity.

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Non-Vegetarian catering for Weddings

At Matrimony Bazaar, we have several pure vegetarian chefs, cooks, and caterers who cater to poojas, traditional events, and weddings. However, if you are looking to host an event where you’re looking for non-vegetarian dishes as well, the North Indian lunch menu naturally consists of a lot of non-vegetarian food. If meat is not cooked with care, it can also harm one’s health. This is why we ensure that our catering partners cook in a clean environment and do the needful when it comes to preparing non-vegetarian food.

From Hyderabadi Biryani to Chicken Chettinad, find the most delicious non-vegetarian catering for your Wedding. Want to book, enquire, find quotes, or talk to our customer-care team? Click here.

Chaats and finger food

“Chaat pe Charcha” is what happens when there is a family get-together. Nothing compares to the joy of having ‘Gol Gappas’ in the evening with your loved ones. There are a lot of chaats available in the North, unfortunately not all these are available to us down south. Not to worry. At Matrimony Bazaar, we make sure you are not disconnected from the northern parts of the country. From Pani-puri, Aloo Tikki, and Dahi Puri, to Masala Pav, Missal Pav, and the best of Samosas, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to Matrimony Bazaar in case you’re planning on having a chaat counter at your next party, function, or event.

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North Indian Sweet delicacies

As much as North India is known for its varieties of curries and breads, it is also known for delicious sweets. Hot Gulab Jamuns, Jalebis, Imartis, Rasmalai, the list goes on... As tasty as they sound, they are anything but easy to make. Patience and expertise are required to get the perfect brew. We promise to bring you the ‘Desi Swaad’ that you crave for. With mouth-watering kulfis and the varieties of halwas, our Halwais have got you covered. All in all, we promise to satisfy even the North Indian part of your sweet tooth.

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Different styles of North Indian Cuisine:

Rajasthani Food for Wedding ceremony

In the movie Jodha Akbar, you must have noticed the widespread thali Jodha prepares for Akbar on the occasion of “peer ka vrath.” This is one of the places where one gets to witness the variety of food that makes up a Rajasthani meal.. Be it, ‘Dal Bati Churma,’ ‘Gatte ki sabzi,’ ‘Kadi,’ or any other rajasthani delicacy you can think up, we can help you find a caterer who serves all these dishes and much more.

With caterers ready to tailor to your needs and travel to your location, finding a Rajasthani Caterer could not have gotten easier! Want to book, enquire, find quotes, or talk to our customer-care team about Wedding Catering? Click here!

Jain catering for Weddings

The first thing that would probably pop into your head when Jain food is mentioned would be, no onions, garlic, or anything that grows under the ground. Although that might be true, what they lack in ingredients they make up for in taste.

Jain food is an absolute delicacy, be it the ‘papad ki sabji’, the ‘Jain Pav Bhaji’ or any other dish for that matter. Their subtle spices reflect their vast cultural heritage. At Matrimony Bazaar, we promise to connect you to  the best caterer who cooks Jain food.

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Caterers who cook Maharashtrian Food

Maharashtrian food is the epitome of taste. From the famous ‘Mumbai Vada Pav’ to ‘Tava Pulao’, or even to sweets like ‘Malpua’. We make sure you feel like a true ‘Mumbaikar’ at your wedding.

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Gujarati catering for your Shaadi

The food in Gujarat is as colourful as its culture. The famous 'Navrang Thali,’ 'Kadhi,’ and many such dishes are most widely known. Also included in the staple diet of a Gujarati are delicacies like the 'Dhokla,’ 'Khandvi,’ ‘Khakhra,’ etc..

Mumbai has 'Vada Pav,’ likewise Gujarat has 'Dabeli’ and 'Dal Vada.’ Gujaratis are also known for making exquisite sweets like 'Puran Poli,’ 'Shrikhand,’ ‘Rasgulla,’ and many more.

At Matrimony Bazaar, we promise to provide the authentic Gujarati experience and appoint caterers who specialise in making Gujarati cuisine to meet your needs of a Gujarati meal. Be it their Appetizers, Main course, or sweets, we've got your back.

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