Top 20 South Indian Wedding Decor Trends That Are Making The Rounds

Bookmark these top South Indian wedding decor ideas for an ultimate wedding setup!

Wedding decor holds as much importance as the bride’s ensemble and the groom’s entry. While you spend moolahs on wedding decor, it is essential to make it worth every penny too. There are several wedding decor ideas that are so eye-popping yet so underrated. If you wish to incorporate uniqueness and beauty to your wedding venue, try any of these 20 South Indian wedding decor trends. They are sure to leave everyone in awe. 

1. The golden statue

South Indian weddings are about gold, gold, and lots of gold. Therefore, incorporating a golden elephant statue at the entrance is sure to add grandeur to the whole South Indian wedding decor.

2. The leafy backdrop

The backdrop of the stage as part of your stage decoration can be adorned with banana leaves or other leaves. The leaves can be vertically weaved onto the wall or randomly attached all over to help exude the rich green feels - a colour that is very auspicious during weddings. 


3. The leafy latkans

The folded leaves can act as decorative latkans in place of flowers. Of course, they can also be blended with floral hangings, but the pretty strings of high and low dainty leaves will absolutely steal the show as much as the bride and groom. 


4. The yellow flower spin

Another South Indian twist that can be added to make a Pinterest-worthy image is an all-yellow decor. One of the South Indian wedding decor trends is to add a yellow floral spin to the whole decoration. You can get yellow drapes in subtle shades if the flowers seem very empowering. This decoration idea is very popular for Haldi / sangeeth ceremony. 

5. Rangoli extravaganza

Another detail that is often ignored but undoubtedly adds a South Indian vibe to the scene is the immaculate rangoli. Choose a simple one or add as many colours to it as you want.

6. The subtle mandap decor

Weddings are usually considered a bling-y affair, but you can choose to tone the whole vibe down and still have fulfilling results. Go for a subtle mandap design with lesser flower suspensions and lighter drapes.

7. The intricate chattais

Traditional in its own way, the elaborately designed chattais can be incorporated for a humble and classic appeal. The tassels and beads adorning the chattais will lend splendidness to the wedding venue.


8. Exotic nettipatam

Nettipatam is a shiny ornament to adorn elephant’s forehead. This is one of the apparent South Indian wedding decor trends that can be used as a wall hanging for a prominent South Indian feel.

9. White & gold

The subtle and sweet white and gold decor is surely a charmer. From mandap decor to seating arrangements, everything in white and gold will create beautiful symmetry.

10. Flowers & crystal duo

Flowers are usually clubbed with drapes, but the crystals add another lavish charm. They can be suspended from above and tied across the mandap pole to add to shine and glitter. 

11. Castle it up

One of the swoon-worthy South Indian wedding decor trends is to create a castle-based setting. The luxurious South Indian wedding appeal can easily be attained by incorporating a castle structure for the mandap and the entire venue with elaborate poles and extravagant seating system. 

12. Floral canopy

Don’t you absolutely love floral arrangements? Well, who doesn’t! Add exaggerated proportions of flowers for creating a floral canopy and create a picturesque venue not for a day but for your wedding album you’d slip through for years.

13. Dreamy drapes

Create a dreamy wedding with just as many curtains as you can. As they flow with the wind and the bride walks down to the mandap, the scene is just a sight to behold. Note that this wedding decor idea is best suited for outdoor weddings.

14. Floating mandap

Add glam to the venue with the floating mandap design. It is created in the middle of the pool amped up with lush greenery. Imagine taking photos amidst the scintillating waters! *Sigh*. 

15. Peacock & gold embellishments

This decor idea involves mainly the seating arrangement for the bride and groom. Their golden seats styled with peacock design add to the grandeur feel of the South Indian wedding.

16. Open mandap with trellis ceiling

The surreal open mandap is one of its kind. Add to this is the floral trellis ceiling. An outdoor wedding with beautiful decor is going to create memories, not just for the bride and groom but for every attendee.

17. Dome structure decor

You can create an extravagant four-poster structure with stacks of pots against the pillars while the mandap is covered in the red and gold canopy. The dome structure is a time-taking affair but absolutely worth it.

18. Pink, orange, & marigold

South Indian weddings are about multiple hues too. Make a bright beginning by embracing the colours in your decor. Add pink and orange drapes along with marigold hangings for a classic wedding vibe.


19. Wooden carving mandap

One of the latest South Indian wedding decor trends is this wood carved mandap. The wooden structures will give a rustic look. Add minimal flowers and fabric to keep the wooden look intact.

20. Suspended temple bells

Spectacular is the word! The suspended temple bells go absolutely well with the South Indian wedding decor trends. It is unique yet traditional! Make sure the photographers take the most exceptional shots of the decor, so you remember every nook of the beautiful mandap you took your vows in.


These South Indian wedding decor trends are sure to fill the wedding scene with ample memories. The beautiful decor will increase the vibe of the wedding manifolds.

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