Top 10 Elegant Bridal Hairstyles for your Wedding Day

We have curated a list of 10 hairstyles that are in vogue and are certain to make your hairstyle look fabulous on your wedding day.

As a bride, you begin preparing for your wedding sooner than anyone else. The moment you get the news, you start spending your Sundays trying to grow your hair longer. Being aware of the fact that you already have a lot on your mind, we have curated a list of 10 hairstyles that are in vogue and are certain to make your hairstyle look fabulous on your wedding day.

1. Multiple Bubble Braids

For the brides-to-be who would like to rock it with untied hair, the looped bubble braids are a perfect match. These braids, which look like vertical lines of bubbles, give your hair enough volume and goes well with straight untied hair.

2. Crown Braid with Gushing Curls

The bride is a queen on her wedding day, so she must also be adorned as one. These braids run along your forehead like a crown, decorated with little flowers. The rest of the hair is let open with loose curls. 

3. The French Braid with A Bun End

On this special day, why keep it simple? Tie your hair in a French braid with a twist. End the braid into a loose messy bun. It’s the best combination of its being neat and messy. 

4. Flower Power

Brides with short hair, listen up. It might be time to embrace a whole lot of flowers. A tight bun with flowers attached gives your hair enough volume and perfectly accentuates your hairstyle.

5. Neat and Rolled Up

If you want to keep it neat, elegant, and minimal, just roll up the sides of your hair and tie it in a bun. Accessorize it with minimalistic but ornate jewellery that suits your outfit. 

6. The Gajra Never goes out of Fashion 

For those of you who are wishfully thinking of how a wedding would have been set if it was set in the ’80s, here’s a way you can actually go back in time. Just wrap a Gajra string around your regular bun. This way, you will make your presence felt through the fragrance, moments before you even arrive.

7. Bob Hair Along with Curls 

Here’s a dainty look that’ll go best with your white gown, in case you wish to keep your hair short, simple, and elegant, not with too much pomp and show. 


8.  No-hairstyle hairstyle

Here’s a hairstyle that is becoming popular —no hairstyling at all. It’s a poignant way of expressing your natural beauty whilst supporting simplicity. You may just add a rose behind your ear to complement the minimalism.

9. Why put Roses when your Bun can look like one

Ask your hair stylist to make you a rose-structured bun. If you’ve been patiently letting your hair grow for this day, make good use of it by getting it knotted in a bun that looks like an enchanting rose. 

10. The Gleaming Long Braid with Metal Accessories

If you’re willing to walk the traditional path, you may tie your hair in a sleek long braid. The benefit of a braid is that it can easily hold tiny accessories of gold or silver. Just adorn it with that to get that ethnic look.

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