The Latest Mehndi Designs To Have This Wedding Season

Here’s a collection of the latest wedding mehendi designs that you need to go with this wedding season.

In modern times, the brides-to-be believe in adopting a non-compromising attitude when it comes to deciding about wedding-related preparations. Even in the context of mehndi design, they take a personal interest in deciding the kind of patterns that capture their imagination in the best possible manner. Mehndi design is surely an integral aspect of a woman’s new journey as a bride. A gorgeous bridal mehndi is compelled to elevate the entire glamour and grace of the bridal aura. Here, have a glance at the most-sought after mehndi designs:

  1. Rajasthani mehndi designs

Be it any Rajasthani mehndi design, it speaks volume of regality. Unique patterns and intricate designs featuring several imperial motifs make Rajasthani mehndi designs stand apart. Generally, these mehndi designs are placed on palms and arms to capture their true essence to the fullest. They have different mehndi designs for the legs as well. 

  1. Floral mehndi design

Mehndi is believed to be the synonym of a floral pattern. The exquisiteness of floral mehndi designs lies in the variety of motifs and detailing patterns. Be it elegant leaf-inspired motifs or time-honoured flowers, the artistic detailing of such mehndi design continues to make them rule the roost of bridal mehndi. 

  1. Full bridal hand mehndi designs

There is nothing that can replace the charm evoked by full hand bridal mehndi designs. After all, such design naturally makes a bride stand apart from the crowd. The motifs are generally highlighted by shading technique. Both sides of the hand are filled with the intricate-detailing pattern to impart a weighty feel to it. there are very popular patterns for bridal mehndi like Doli mehndi, patterns with musical instruments, dulhan mehndi, symmetrical mehndi designs, etc..

  1. One-sided mehndi designs

Known for their unparalleled minimalistic yet elegant allure, these designs are adored by the modern brides who appreciate the concept of minimalism like never before. Such designs occupy the position on one side of the hand featuring tiny dots and floral patterns. 

  1. Semi-heavy mehndi designs

The motif of such mehndi designs is dominated by nature-inspired designs like leaf-inspired detailing pursuing all shapes and sizes besides drawing detailing patterns featuring circular fine lines. Such mehndi designs also help enhance the length of the fingers. 

  1. Peacock-inspired bridal mehndi designs

Since time immemorial, the peacock motif is positioned as one of the most admired motifs of Indian tradition very close to the mango design. The majestic aura of Peacock-inspired bridal mehndi design is always elegant. The epitome of minute detailing and intriguing concepts like joining palms to get a complete view of the design, these designs have remained unaffected amidst changing trends. 

  1. Gujarati bridal mehndi designs

Such designs emphasize the dark borders of the prominent motifs, mainly the floral-inspired borders. This design is meant majorly to fill the palm portion. The remaining portion is filled by either using criss-cross lines or checkboxes. The fingertips are filled to further enhance the magnificence of the design.

  1. Arabic style mehndi designs

These mehndi designs beautifully capture the traditional essence while also imparting a contemporary aura. For the brides who intend to keep the focus intact on the hand jewellery, opting for Arabic style mehndi designs imparting rich vibes is the best bet.  

  1. Mughal-inspired mehndi design

The Raja and Rani motifs prevail over Mughal-inspired mehndi designs. Highlighted by the intricate patterns that are drawn around the Raja and Rani portraits, these designs evoke unrivalled nostalgic charisma. 

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