Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props and Themes

Thinking of having a pre-wedding photoshoot? Here are a list of properties and themes for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

#PreWeddingPhotoshoot - the hashtag and term that has been exciting couples lately. Every wedding photographer is now including pre-wedding photoshoot as a part of the wedding photography package that they are offering. 

A pre-wedding photoshoot is never complete without the properties used in it. These properties help convey the hearts of the couple to the audience scrolling through the photographs. 

Let us take a look at some of the properties that are widely used in a pre-wedding photoshoot

  1. Hanging bulbs

The fairytale light effect that you get to see in some images is because of a hanging light source around the subject. When shot with a lower aperture (say f 1.8 or f 2.8) these light sources create a wonderful blurry background that everybody craves for. 

Photo by Jonathan Borba

  1. Save-the-Date slates

Since a pre-wedding photoshoot is going to happen sometime before your wedding, it is a good idea to incorporate some save-the-date messages in these photos. Slates or placards are a wonderful way to incorporate these messages into your photos. 

In this beach wedding photoshoot Krishnendu and Anoop used save-the-date slates to announce their wedding. Read Krishnendu & Anoop’s wedding story here.

  1. Balloons to express your love

Balloons bring out the kid in you. These balloons can just be backdrops or can be message bearers. Try out different poses with these balloons as they can create some wonderful portraits. 

Photo by Sokol Laliçi 

  1. Flares of different colours 

Flares are becoming a rage in pre-wedding photoshoots. Flares emit smoke in different colours when lit up. These flares come in a plethora of colours and last long enough for the photographer to capture some dreamy, colour-filled images. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to handle flares with care under the guidance of experienced professionals. 

Photo by Jonathan Borba

  1. Musical instruments

Musical instruments always add a classic romantic touch to your pre-wedding pictures. Piano, guitar, and in some cases even a gramophone can be used as a property. 

This couple used a Guitar as their pre-wedding shoot prop. Read Amrutha & Ranjith’s wedding story here.

  1. Colourful umbrellas

Be it the regular daily-use umbrellas or the colourful thread type umbrellas, they all contribute to a cool wedding prop. The vibrancy they add to the frame is impeccable and elevates the quality of the photo. 

These decorated umbrellas are used in the Kashi Yatra ritual in a Tamil brahmin wedding. 

Read Deepika & Somnath’s wedding story here.

  1. Natural backdrop

Pre-wedding photoshoot in a natural backdrop is classic. The greeneries add a soothing charm to every frame that is being captured. Outdoor shooting in natural conditions sometimes relaxes the couples who are not very much comfortable in front of the camera. 

Read Aathira and Jithin’s wedding story here.

These properties are some of the widely used properties in a pre-wedding shoot. Apart from these, spray cans, flowers, architectural backdrops etc., are also used on rare occasions. 

As a couple, if you decide that you want a themed photoshoot rather than a photoshoot with random properties, there are tons of options to explore. 

Popular Pre-wedding Photoshoot Themes

  1. Holi theme

Holi themes never go out of fashion. These fun and quirky themes helps you break the ice with your partner if you have recently met them. Splashes of green, yellow, blue, red, or any other colour mixture will give amazing effects on camera. 

  1. Traditional outfits

Photoshoots in temples have always been a rage among couples. Little bit of romance, eye-catching shots with vilakku (traditional Indian lamps made out of metals or hardened mud), traditional outfits, glittering jewellery, are some of the secret ingredients that make traditional pre-wedding photoshoots a hot topic. 

Read Sindhushree and Chidananda’s wedding story here.

  1. Modern cafes 

Every major city has a plethora of modern cafes mushrooming every day. These cafes come in different themes and offer different background and lighting conditions. Cafe photoshoots do not disturb your pockets too much but still decorates a perfect pre-wedding album. 

  1. Underwater photoshoot

It's time to dive in crystal clear water with your fiance! There are specialised photography studios who have high-end equipments and skilled lensmen for underwater photoshoots. Couples have been steadily opting for these unconventional methods of photoshoots to stand out from the crowd. 

  1. A travelogue 

If you are a peripatetic couple (couple who loves to travel) then the travelogue theme is the perfect fit for you. Your photographer and videographer document your journey right from the start till the end. You have a small photoshoot session in every landmark you cross and every landscape you see along the way. These travelogues can give you some amazing pictures that you would have never thought of. This is an adventure that can yield a lot if you are up for it. 

  1. Beach themed pre-wedding photoshoot

This is the most popular one from the early days of pre-wedding photoshoot. The ease of accessibility and the minimal budget is an attraction for these sandy beach photoshoots. Sunrise and sunset shots create some magic silhouettes that can wonderfully portray the love between the couple without actually showing their face.

Read Krishnendu and Anoop’s wedding story here.

  1. The night shoot

Night shots can be made creative in a lot of ways. Right from fireworks, fairy lights, backlights, headlamps to magic lanterns, there are a lot of options to explore. Unlike a pre-wedding photoshoot in the daylight, where you have to constantly switch places, you can create different types of photos in the same place during a night shoot. 

  1. Explore the retro style

Not everybody prefers to go with a retro theme for their pre-wedding photoshoot. If you are one among the couples who love to rewind the clock, this theme is for you. Vintage cars, the sepia effect, your costumes, and your posing styles, are the key specialities in a retro-themed pre-wedding shoot

  1. Walk the streets

Buzzy markets, rustic backdrops, a casual walk with your fiance equals great candids. Though it might sound difficult, it is the easiest way to capture the essence of a city that you might love so much. These places are any candid photographer’s forte. You can feel relaxed, less camera conscious and do your shopping while the photographer captures the light moment between you and your partner. 

  1. Use great architectures as backdrops

India is filled with architectural marvels all over its vast lands. Churches, temples, forts, caves, and what not! Architectural backdrops are a constant addition to photoshoots, both pre-wedding and post-wedding. Experience these marvels and get lost in their beauty while the shutterbugs capture the candids. 

Read Sarika and Mahesh’s wedding story here.

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