How to Plan the Perfect Mehendi Ceremony

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The Mehendi ceremony at Indian weddings needs no introduction. It is usually performed two or three days before the wedding. The bride with her uncontrollable excitement, overjoyed hosts with wet eyes, the ever-teasing bridesmaids and cousins, and the list goes on when describing this ceremony. After all, what’s not there at a mehendi ceremony to make everyone happy? It’s a mega package of entertainment. 

Now enough of us telling you about how good it is. We would instead, tell about all the things to do, to plan your mehendi ceremony. However, first things first. Let’s know the significance of the mehendi ceremony and later, just go with the flow:

Significance of mehendi in Indian weddings

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The main significance of the mehendi ceremony is it cools down the body and calms the mind. Mehendi is filled with lots of natural herbs which helps to cool down the body. It’s the time of your wedding. You will have hundreds of things running in your mind. You need something which calms you down, cheers you and helps you to proceed with all the functions with ease. Mehendi ceremony is a function that helps you with it. Mehendi is usually applied to the hands and feet of the bride and in most cases, to the groom as well. 

Also, it is believed that mehendi is filled with a positive spirit and is a sign of good luck. 

Types of mehendi or henna cones 

  1. Wedding mehendi cone

It’s a dream not just for you, but for most of the brides out there, to see the hands and feet full of mehendi. It’s your dream to see the reaction of your prospective husband when he sees your mehendi. Don’t you think you deserve a special type of mehendi? That is this wedding mehendi. It usually has elements to make her mehendi look darker and long-lasting. 

  1. Tube style henna 

The tube style henna or mehendi comes in a tube and different colours. It is usually used along with the bridal mehendi cone to give a different look and enhance the mehendi design. 

  1. Rajasthani mehendi cone

Rajasthan has one of the best mehendi cones. The colours that the mehendi imprints are dark and look elegant. 

  1. Karnataka mehendi cone

Karnataka mehendi cones have the best quality in South India. Most South Indian brides use the mehendi cones produced in Karnataka. 

  1. Natural mehendi cone

Natural mehendi cones are prepared from 100% natural henna leaves. It is usually preferred by those who have any allergic reaction to any kind of mehendi. The reason for using natural mehendi cones is it doesn’t cause any allergy to any kind of skin. 

  1. DIY mehendi cone

When DIYs are a trend, why not put it in the mehendi ceremony? You can prepare the mehendi yourselves and ask your cousins and friends to prepare the cone! 

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Types of mehendi colours

  1. Green

For all those who like to explore with the mehendi designs, this colour is for you. It gives a fresh look, you can explore different combinations and designs and rock your mehendi look. 

  1. Brown

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Nothing can be compared to the very old-yet-charming brown colour mehendi design. Its beauty is always unmatched and for brides who wish to have the traditional mehendi, this is your go-to colour. 

  1. Yellow

Want to add some quirky touch to your mehendi? Why not use yellow borders for your mehendi design? It gives a whole new look and yet looks traditional. 

  1. Red

For brides who wish to have bold and bright mehendi, red is the perfect colour. To add more effect, border it with black or brown colour mehendi and wave your way to be the ‘bold bride.’

  1. Blue

Interested in shiny shades or highlights? Try glittery shades and some interesting highlights with blue colour. Usually, this colour blends with both Arabic mehendi design and Indian mehendi design and is perfect to create that glitter you wanted. 

  1. Black

The impression that is created with black mehendi kept for just 5-10 minutes is impeccable. It is the perfect colour if you wish to have elegant border designs. 

Various mehendi designs

  1. Indian mehendi

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Indian mehendi designs occupy most of your hands and are quite intricate. Compared to other types of mehendi designs, this takes more effort. However, the kind of look it gives at the end is just worth all the struggle. Most common elements of this design include the bride and groom, mango, peacock, sun and moon, floral, etc..

  1. Arabic mehendi

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Arabic designs are simple, unlike Indian mehendi designs. Most youths have liked this design because of its simplicity and unique patterns. It is also called Mughlai mehendi design. Most common elements in Arabic mehendi design are cashew patterns, sun, etc..  

  1. Indo-Arabic mehendi

Fusion is the new trend and the same is applied to the mehendi designs. Both Indian and Arabic mehendi designs are exquisite in their own way. Having a fusion of them creates a beautiful balance of being elegant and trendy. 

  1. Pakistani mehendi

Lightly influenced by Arabic and Indian mehendi designs, Pakistani mehendi designs are synonymous with their rich culture. Their design patterns are mostly circular and do not use any Indian mehendi design elements. 

  1. Western mehendi 

Western mehendi also called henna tattoo is the modern version of the age-old mehendi. Most western countries have got inspired by the traditional mehendi designs and hence the birth of henna tattoos. The design elements vary across the countries and are usually similar to the tattoo patterns. Be it any quirky patterns, or word patterns, it depends on the place.  

  1. Moroccan mehendi 

Moroccan mehendi designs highly remind you of the tribal designs. It features tribal patterns and symbols and is very simple. Another feature of Moroccan mehendi designs is that they don’t have any feminine designs in them, therefore it suits men. Therefore, all grooms, there you go, enjoy your mehendi ceremony!

  1. Indo-Western mehendi

A unique and interesting fusion is the Indo-Western mehendi designs. Elegant yet quirky, elaborate yet simple, basically we have no words to describe the beauty of this design. 

How to perform the mehendi ceremony 

The mehendi ceremony is performed two or three days before the wedding. The bride gets the mehendi from the groom’s side and he is made to add the first dot of the mehendi on the bride's hand (imagine the rush of teasing comments that makes the couple blush!) 

Later the task of mehendi is transferred to the professional mehendi artists called for the day. The mehendi artists are usually accompanied by their assistants and then they create their magic on the bride’s family and friends’ hand. 

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In most weddings, the mehendi ceremony and sangeet ceremony is held on the same day. While the ceremony continues, the fun begins with dance, songs, games, and live food counters. The bride later enters with swag to steal the dance floor. Most of the time, she will be accompanied by the groom as well. 

Outfits for the mehendi ceremony

Bridal outfits

  1. Lehenga

Words fall short to express how beautiful a lehenga is. Explore a wide range of colours and designs with this wonderous outfit and walk your way towards being the awe-inspiring bride. 

  1. Skirt-size lehenga

Wishing for a comfortable outfit without compromising your bride-y look? Look for those knee-length lehengas which are grand enough to make you look dazzling as well as comfortable for the mehendi ceremony

  1. Kurta-palazzo

Not comfortable with a knee-length outfit? Lehenga seems too grand? Fret not. Here comes the kurta-palazzo to make you look both traditional and trendy! 

  1. Patiala with short kurta 

For all those badass brides, here is your badass outfit. Be a Punjabi kudi with the patiala or a tomboy with your choice of the short kurta. 

  1. Gown

A gown is a perfect outfit for you if you wish to wear something which is neither grand nor too simple. Gowns give that elegance with a subtle element of richness.

For the groom

  1. Kurta waistcoat

For all those grooms, who wish to dance crazy at your wedding, go for this outfit. It is comfortable and makes you look dashing as well.

  1. Sherwani

Grooms who just want good looks, good looks, and good looks, this is your outfit. Pick a sherwani that suits the colour theme of your mehendi ceremony and you are all set to go!

  1. Achkan

If you wish to have something similar to sherwani but not so grand, then achkan is the best outfit for you. The flare, trim, and fit that these outfits have is perfect for that masculine look!

  1. Kurta with Nehru jacket

Bored of waistcoats? Okay, opt for the Nehru jackets. The advantage of Nehru jackets is that they come in different designs, and are more casual compared to the waistcoats.

  1. Suit with Chino short

Have a beach-themed mehendi ceremony? Ignore the above outfits and choose this as it’s perfect for beach wedding ceremonies. It’s quirky and romantic just like the place!  

Venues for mehendi ceremony

  1. Outdoor wedding venue

Mehendi ceremony is performed to prepare the bride and groom for their next stage. It is performed to calm their mind and cool their body. The venue should go according to the meaning of the ceremony. What is better than an outdoor wedding venue?  However, make sure the wedding venue provider has a backup option in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with you. 

  1. Backyard

If you have a backyard and fewer guests, you can have the ceremony in your own backyard! It is easy to clean as the ceremony involves no or fewer chemicals. You can explore various plastic-free decor options as well, therefore, being eco-friendly

  1. Terrace

Don’t have a backyard? Don’t worry, you can arrange the mehendi ceremony on your terrace. Again here, it is easy to clean and can explore various decor options as well. One thing to keep in mind is to be careful as the terrace is high above the ground and there would be a lot of kids gathered in the ceremony.

  1. Resort

Not interested in the above options? No problem, you can choose a resort for your mehendi ceremony. A friendly suggestion is to check out for some themed resorts to make your mehendi ceremony more interesting.

  1. Beach

For all those dreamy couples, here is your perfect mehendi ceremony venue. Have your bags packed and head to the beach to enjoy the breeze whilst getting calm with the mehendi! Double bonus, right? 

  1. Banquet hall

The weather not supporting your mehendi ceremony? Okay, you can always choose a banquet hall to have the ceremony. The best choice is to choose the wedding venue for both your wedding as well as the mehendi ceremony to get some discounts from the venue.

Venue decor ideas for mehendi ceremony

  1. Floral themed ceremony

Flowers have always been an integral part of wedding decoration. Vivid colours, fresh fragrance always cheer the mood and get us into the vibe of celebration.

  1. Satin drapes

Bored with flowers? Opt for satin drapes. These drapes give the perfect wedding decor with minimal effort. Just hang it behind the stage or around the mehendi venue and watch the magic happen by itself.

  1. Pinwheel and Bangle decor

This decor suits perfectly for the backyard or garden venue. You can pick some trendy-designed pinwheels and bright coloured bangles and hang it on the branches of all the trees. 

  1. Baithak-style

Baithak style furniture is similar to a sofa but with less height. It is perfect for the mehendi ceremony as people need to sit for a longer time for the mehendi. Also, Baithak-style decor gives a brighter look compared to the normal chair assembly.

  1. Quirky notes

Add some quirky notes on a blackboard for the bride, her family, or something related to the mehendi ceremony. Let this be a surprise to the guests! Make sure to capture the look of the wedding guests with the best photographer in town. 

  1. Let light do the talking

If you have planned a mehendi ceremony in the evening, lights are the best deals for the mehendi ceremony decor. Be it outdoor or indoor, place the lights in a different style. Be it the serial lights, fairy lights, or lamps, they sure will make your mehendi ceremony venue look grand. 

  1. Rajasthani cute Kathputli

Kathputils or puppets from Rajasthan are a perfect decor option if you are bored with the conventional decor ideas. Just hang it around the venue and near the stage. 

  1. DIY mehendi decor ideas

The DIY decor is highly on-demand as everyone wants to show their decorating skills. Also, you’ll get to spend more time with your friends and relatives as you’ll be preparing the decor items by yourselves. You can experiment with any old items present in your home like an old wine glass, ceramic plates, jars, etc.. 

Mehendi songs to rock the day!

  1. Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali - Zubeidaa 

  2. Gal Mitthi Mitthi - Aisha 

  3. Sadi Gali - Tanu Weds Manu 

  4. Barsi Barsi - Band Baaja Baarat

  5. Lakk Mera hit - Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety

  6. Mehendi Lagake Rachna - DDLJ

  7. Sajjan Ke Ghar Jaana - Lajja

  8. Radha - Student Of The Year

  9. Banno - Tanu Weds Manu Returns

  10. London Thumakda - Queen

  11. Maahi Ve - Kal Ho Na Ho

  12. Sasural Genda Phool - Delhi 6

  13. Ainvayi Ainvayi - Band Baaja Baarat

  14. Morni Banke - Badhaai Ho

  15. Gudiya Re Gudiya - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

  16. Gallan Goodiyaan - Dil Dhadakne Do

  17. Dil Chori - Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety

  18. Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan - Roy

  19.  Nagada - Jab We Met

  20. Nagada Sang - Ram Leela

  21. Punjabi Wedding Song - Hasee Toh Phasee 

  22. Sajh Dhaj Ke - Mausam

  23.  Kajra Re - Bunty Aur Babli

  24. Milegi Milegi - Stree

  25. Navrai Majhi - English Vinglish

Games to play during the mehendi ceremony

  1. Evergreen Antakshari

Antakshari never gets old and is definitely one of the wedding ceremony games. While you’re getting your mehendi, you are supposed to sit. During this time, antakshari is the best game to play. 

  1. Pass the pillow

Assemble around in a circle, start the music and pass the pillow. Stop the music and whoever has the pillow needs to perform a task. Want to make it more fun? Have a list of tasks hidden in chits. Let the person pick a random one and he or she is bound to do that task. This game can be usually played before applying the mehendi.  

  1. Gigantic Jenga

Have some large Jenga at your mehendi ceremony and let the guests arrange them. It sure gives some competitive vibes and a lot of LOL and ROFL moments! 

  1. Game zone for the chotu motus

We can’t ignore the kids here, right? Have a play area dedicated to them, so that they won’t get bored and elders get to enjoy as well.

  1. Shoe game

Now, this is interesting. Ask the bride and groom to sit facing against each other. Let them hold one of his and her footwear. Ask anybody to fire them with questions. It’s the best way to know about how much the couple knows about each other. 

  1. Find the golgappa champion

Have a golgappa counter at your wedding and ask people to have the golgappa competition. The best way to find out the champion and to eat heartful of golgappas (please don’t blame us for the after-effects!)

  1. Musical chair

This game never gets boring and it always increases our enthusiasm. Have your family play this game and give the winner a gift or a surprise task! 

  1. Dumb Charades

Again, if you are sitting for your mehendi, you can play this game. You can include any movie names, show names, etc.. 

Mehendi ceremony food menu

It is a wedding ceremony and you would have booked a wedding caterer to prepare a formal mehendi ceremony meal. However, what makes the ceremony more interesting? It’s the kind of meal served. Here’s something to help you out:

  1. Juice bar

Have some fresh fruit juice counters so that the guests can refresh with some healthy drinks.

  1. Live salad counter

You can have a live salad counter with some 15-20 ingredients present. People can choose and prepare their own salad. Don’t forget to include sauces. 

  1. Chaat counter

Is an Indian wedding ceremony ever complete without chaats? Have some lip-smacking chaats and dedicate a counter for it. You can see the kids waiting in a queue there! 

  1. Golgappa counter 

The reason why we mentioned the golgappa counter separately is because of its high demand. Also, remember the competition? 

  1. Dosa corner

Dosa has evolved over time. From masala dosa to over 99 varieties, it still gives us that soul-satisfying feel. This makes it worth having a counter at your mehendi ceremony

  1. Dimsum counter

Want to try something different? Have a counter dedicated to dimsums. Hot hot dimsums served with spicy chutneys is definitely a must for your mehendi ceremony if you want a different cuisine.

  1.  Tandoori Counter

Tandoori counters never fail to impress you. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, we feel it deserves a place at your mehendi ceremony

  1. Dessert counter

How can we forget desserts? Remember those cute little pastries you find at any barbeque-themed restaurants? Imagine those present at your mehendi ceremony. Apart from them, imagine Indian desserts like rasgulla, jamun, etc.. Mouth-watering, right? 

  1. Paan counter

After a heavy meal, what next? Paan! Have a paan counter to have a sweet ending to your meal! 

Trendy photo ideas for mehendi ceremony

  1. Romantic, funny, cute, couple poses

In some cases, the mehendi ceremony is held for both the bride and groom’s family in the same place. This is the right time to have some cute couple poses. Show your creativity and explore different poses. Hire the best photographer to create the magic! 

  1. Papa ki pari, Mummy ki madonna, etc.. pose 

Poses with the elderly members of your family. Have your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.. to pose with you. Ask them to show their creativity here. Need photographers? We have some of the best photographers who would not just click photos but click memories!  

  1. The brave behen pose

Siblings or cousins are part of the family, but they need special mention when it comes to mehendi ceremony photography. Your crazy bond with them makes it super-amazing for the photos. Go on, show some craziness!

  1. Unlimited ‘my mehendi’ pose

This is so obvious and it is highly unfair if we don’t mention this. Get the ‘making of your mehendi’ snaps, ‘halfway done’ snaps, and ‘my mehendi!!’ snaps. 

  1. Swag bride pose

It’s your mehendi ceremony, so you do deserve some swag. Therefore, explore and have some swag poses. You can include your family members if you feel so. 

  1. Sanskari bride pose

When you’re dressed so beautifully, show that elegance by giving some ‘sanskari’ poses like holding your dupatta above your head, etc.. 

  1. Pose with your pet/pets

Have pets? Don’t let them miss the fun. Have a photoshoot with them and see how the photos suddenly turn paw-dorable!

  1. Countless solo poses

We don’t have to say anything here, because you’ve already planned for this, so yeah! Nothing to say!

  1. Bridesmaids pose

PC: Read the wedding story of Simar and Mrigya where the photo says it all! 

After all these photo sessions, do you think your bridesmaids will spare you if you don’t get some snaps with them? Have some quirky, cute, naughty, funny, etc.. poses with them! 

  1. Mehendi photobooth

Have a mehendi-themed photo booth at your mehendi ceremony. Have a hashtag mentioned there and let your guests use that hashtag when they post the photos on Social media. This way, you’ll have extra photos to add to your memories’ list.

Tips to get your mehendi dark

  • Wash your hands with soap and dry it with a towel properly before applying the mehendi.

  • Don’t apply any cream or moisturizer after washing your hands. 

  • Apply eucalyptus oil on your hands before applying the mehendi.

  • Allow mehendi to dry itself and do not blow dry. 

  • Let it stay for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours or overnight. This will allow the colour to be fully absorbed. 

  • While the mehendi is slightly dry, apply a mixture of lemon and sugar. Dab it with cotton and repeat it for 3 to 4 times. This makes the mehendi dark. 

  • Make sure you aren’t using too much lemon, as it may lighten the mehendi.

  • After you’ve left it overnight or 8 to 10 hours, scrape it instead of washing. Washing with water might result in the colour depletion.

  • After scraping, apply vicks/mustard oil/coconut oil for enhanced darkness. 

  • Usually, the mehendi gets darker after a day of removing it, so plan the mehendi ceremony 2 days before the wedding. Therefore, on the wedding day, you’ll have the darkest mehendi on your hand! 

  • Avoid waxing or shaving or any salon treatment immediately after applying mehendi. This may result in washing the top layer of the mehendi. It is ideal to finish all your beauty salon treatments like waxing, shaving, exfoliating, etc., at the beauty salon before the mehendi ceremony

This is all about the very amusing mehendi ceremony. Sometimes, the tradition followed by our ancestors is so pure and perfect that no matter how many generations pass on, the ceremony will have the same charm and people will have the same excitement. The mehendi ceremony falls under one of those beautiful ceremonies. 

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