How to plan and celebrate Haldi Ceremony?

One of the most fundamental and important pre-wedding events in an Indian wedding is the Haldi ceremony.

Introduction to Haldi Ceremony

One of the most fundamental and important pre-wedding events in an Indian wedding is the Haldi ceremony. The ceremony is commonly celebrated by both the bride and the groom’s family separately on the day of the wedding or prior to the day of the wedding. No wedding seems to be complete without getting to celebrate this ritual. The festivities involve elderly women singing songs while the family members apply haldi (turmeric) paste to the bride and the groom.

Why Celebrate Haldi ceremony ?

Haldi (turmeric,) in general, signifies purity. It not only symbolizes piety, but is also known to enhance beauty. The customs begin with preparation of the turmeric paste. It is then applied with mango leaves on the bride and the groom as a part of tradition.  It is believed that rubbing haldi on the face and the body before the wedding will bring contentment and felicity into life. The haldi preparation involves adding turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, and coconut milk in the right proportions (gram flour and oil are also used occasionally).

Customarily, the bride and the groom are asked to wear a yellow-colored cloth for the ritual. It is also believed that the bride and the groom stepping out of the house after the haldi ceremony is bad enough to bring misfortune and therefore performing this ritual is considered to be a good sign as it is believed to parry evil eye.

Celebrate Haldi Ceremony with Matrimony Bazaar

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are an infinite number of things that need to be done and taken care of. To be a part of the wedding and to relish the event amidst all of these tasks is not a cakewalk. We, at Matrimony Bazaar, not only help you plan the perfect haldi ceremony, but also make certain that your family is gleeful every moment. We can get you in touch with the best among the best of service providers to help you with the haldi ceremony and perform the rituals.

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Photographers for Haldi Ceremony

Since a wedding is all about creating prolific memories - organizing the event and getting in touch with a professional photographer can be taxing. Be it the conventional (traditional) or candid photography, we believe in making things easier and simpler for you. We can assist you with booking the best Photography and videography services for Haldi ceremony.

Decorators for Haldi Ceremony

From flowers and balloons to festoons, there are numerous decorative things that add up to creating the perfect ambiance to experience this magical and blissful ceremony. Subtle, fancy, or trendy decorations, our decorators can help you with the right kind of decorations. You can also get flower jewellery for haldi ceremony!

Catering for Haldi Ceremony

A wedding is always remembered for its merriment, but a delicious meal leaves an enduring impression on the guests. Then why not make it all happen? Appetizing South Indian meals or delectable North Indian buffet, we have the best caterers who can serve the tastiest meals to make your day memorable.

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