How to Plan an Indian Wedding Menu?

Wedding food is a great way to make your wedding stand out and it is one of the bigger spends that you’ll have to make.

A Wedding menu is one key thing to plan. Usually in Indian households this planning happens in the initial stage, after the dates are set and the wedding bells start to ring. All the family members sit together with a caterer that suits their requirements and discuss all the menu items that can be served on the Wedding day and functions related to the wedding.  It is a family ritual, and an exciting one at that. After all, who doesn’t like planning the menu for a wedding!

In this melting pot called India, no two cities have the same kind of cuisine. Say you consider only a vegetarian menu for a wedding reception; this alone will have thousands of varieties of dishes across different cuisines. Then there is non-vegetarian food; a whole universe there as well. Also, there are different styles of weddings like a Jain Wedding where all the delicious meals have no onion and no garlic (seems impossible to some but yes, it is possible to cook without onion and garlic,) a fun Punjabi wedding, and a Coorgi wedding where alcoholic beverages are a must along with a wide spread of non vegetarian dishes. It all depends on the kind of food both the families are fond of.

Apart from all this, there is that pressure to please the guests via food. Although, the whole wedding is about the Bride and the Groom, it is also about the food. If we think back, though we might have attended hundreds of wedding functions, we only remember those weddings where we had amazing food.  Wedding food is a great way to make your wedding stand out and it is one of the bigger spends that you’ll have to make.

How to talk to a caterer about catering for your wedding?

Once you’ve finalised a caterer, request to meet them personally at a convenient time and discuss options or handle the same via a telephone call. The best way to do so, of course, would be via a dedicated Wedding Planning Expert.  Since they would’ve handled a whole bunch of orders, they know the process quite well. Tell them that you need delicious, high quality, and hygienic food that will make your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

If you are very specific about ingredients make sure you tell the caterer multiple times. We have helped organise a wedding where for religious reasons, the family wanted food without garlic, onion, carrot, drumstick, etc., and it was a successful event with great food. If you’re going for non-vegetarian food, make sure you check with the caterer about where they source the meat from.

For wedding functions with alcohol and drinks, check what variety the caterer offers. See if they have a bartender whom you can hire for the event.  To add a fun touch, you can make a signature wedding drink and post it on social media to make all the people who didn’t attend your wedding jealous.

For themed weddings, you might go with some color or some tv show. Just make sure that the caterer has done trendy stuff like this and ensure that they serve the dish in a hit way.

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