How to Plan a Wedding Reception

The most common wedding function across the nation is the format of the feared-yet-revered Wedding Reception ceremony.

While all the rituals and ceremonies are conducted in different ways according to different cultures, and traditions all over the country - the common wedding function across the nation is the format of the feared-yet-revered Wedding Reception ceremony. 

Every couple dreads having to stand fully decked up for several hours at a stretch while posing for pictures with people from both sides of the families as well as friends and well-wishers from near and far. While we may not be able to help you with the pain in your jaws due to excessive smiling or with the awkward situations people you haven’t met in a while put you in (when they ask you to guess who they are in front of your better half) - we can help you plan your Wedding reception in a hassle-free and simple way. 

Venue for Wedding Reception

The first and foremost aspect of a Wedding Reception is the venue itself. If you have an approximate guest count and budget in mind, this becomes easier to tackle. If you’d like help with shortlisting venues, checking availability, and finding out prices - you’re in the right place. You can email us on or call us on 08124222266 for more information. 

Catering for Wedding Reception

A Wedding Reception is all about the fancy spread of food - be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception. Do you want to serve a traditional wedding meal on plantain leaves or would you prefer a buffet? Do you want a proper South Indian pure vegetarian wedding meal or would you like to include multiple cuisines like North Indian, Chinese, and Italian in your wedding buffet? Matrimony Bazaar can help you shortlist and find that hidden gem among the hundreds of caterers who can set up chaat stalls, ice cream stalls, paan-beeda stalls, and serve up amazing delicacies at your Wedding reception. With our verified caterers, you are assured of impeccable service, unwavering punctuality, and most importantly - tasty food. Reach out to us to tell your catering requirements and we’ll be sure to make your Wedding Reception memorable for all the right reasons. 

Wedding Reception Decorators

Decor plays an important role during all wedding ceremonies but especially so during the Wedding Reception since you have people looking their best.  Another aspect is that the Wedding Reception leaves people with a lot of time to look around and admire or critique the surroundings. If you’d like to be sure about the quality of flowers and other materials used in your designs, book a wedding decorator via Matrimony Bazaar.  Our verified and trusted decorators help deck up the venue and ensure that nothing goes wrong on the day of your Wedding Reception. 

Best Makeup artists for Wedding Reception

While decking up the venue is one part of the equation, another important aspect that needs to be taken care of is the way the couple looks. Worry not - at Matrimony Bazaar, we have the best makeup artists in every city who will help you look your best on your special day.  Whether you’re looking for airbrush expert in Chennai or an HD makeup artist in Bangalore, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us for the best deals, combos, and packages. 

Wedding Wear and Apparel 

Another important decision to be taken before a Wedding Reception is the attire itself. While this may be a dress that doesn’t get worn too often, it is certainly an important one since the pictures and videos will be revisited several times. Matrimony Bazaar has tied up with some of the best wedding wear designers and stores to make sure you look as regal as you wish to on your most special day. Reach out to us for exclusive discounts. 

Photography and Videography services for Wedding Reception

What’s the point of looking great at a decked up venue if there’s no one clicking pictures of you? Make sure you have the best photographers and videographers covering your Wedding Reception by shortlisting and booking them via Matrimony Bazaar’s exhaustive and curated list of professionals. Whether you want a traditional photographer covering all the ongoings from the stage or a team of candid photographers and videographers capturing magical moments across the venue or a drone that captures them from above, we’ve got it all. 

If this sounds like a task you’d like to outsource to experts, Matrimony Bazaar can take charge of all the wedding-related negotiations and back-and-forth talks across services  Opt for our Wedding Assist service which takes away all the headaches related to arranging a wedding at affordable prices.

All you have to do is let us know what your requirements are and we’ll get in touch with you. Hire the best wedding service providers easily with our help. For more info, you can email us on or call us on 08124222266.

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