How to plan a Sangeet Ceremony

A typical Sangeet ceremony involves a lot of singing and dancing where the families of both the bride and the groom join hands to make the evening more interesting.

Introduction to Sangeet Ceremony

A wedding is a ceremony which brings two families together and is one of the best things that can happen to people. Weddings can be performed in thousands of ways where each culture celebrates the union of two people and families with varied customs and rituals, one of which is the Sangeet ceremony.

Sangeet is one of the several pre-wedding events which is commonly celebrated by North Indian families now also famous in the South Indian region. A typical Sangeet ceremony involves a lot of singing and dancing where the families of both the bride and the groom join hands to make the evening more interesting.

DJs and Emcees’ for Sangeet Ceremony

Since Sangeet is all about the fun, both families (usually the cousins and friends of the bride and groom) plan for this event prior to the wedding and on the day of Sangeet they sing different folk, desi, and Bollywood songs. The cousins, friends, and other relatives join them and dance to their heart's’ content to the beats.

From Punjabi bhangra to Gujarati garba, this day is all about crazy dancing. The South Indian Sangeet ceremony typically involves women dancing to different regional songs and playing Antakshari. There is also a possibility of having game shows or contests hosted by M.Cs (Emcee) to spice up the event. DJs and Choreographers are also hired to help them make the occasion more exhilarating.

The ladies dancing to the masala numbers and the dance-off between the cousins from the bride and groom’s side adds to making this event more exciting. A mini bar counter is a high point at any Punjabi Sangeet. A bunch of men and women feeling nostalgic, talking about their good times and giving tips to the younger generation is something everyone would love to hear.

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Best Decorators for Sangeet Ceremony

A stage is typically set up where the members of the family perform on numerous songs, some of which involves teasing the bride and the groom. Then comes the show-stopping performance where the maternal and paternal grandparents of both the bride and the groom or other elders dance to the old classics, setting the stage on fire.

Group dance numbers are one of the highlights of the Sangeet where the parents of the bride and the groom join in to make the moment more ecstatic. Trendy decorations, disco lights and excellent music enhance the beauty of the stage.

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Catering for Sangeet Ceremony

There may also be a segment where the girl to be married reminisces her journey from being a toddler to a beautiful bride where everybody gets emotional.

To make the date more euphoric, the bride and the groom perform on a duet track for which there will be a lot of cheering and woo-hooing from the audience. The event concludes with delicious food, delectable sweets. Food, as in any Indian event, is one of the most important aspects and we help you hire the best Caterers in town to create the most amazing food.

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