How to manage your Wedding Budget and not get intimidated by it?

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Apart from the planning part, there are a host of events that have to be performed. This guide will help you through it.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Apart from the planning part, there are a host of events that have to be performed. A wedding may entail the following kinds of rituals which involves its own expenditure:

  1. Engagement

    1. Venue for Nischithartham

    2. Catering for Nischithartham

    3. Decoration for Engagement Ceremony

    4. Designer wear for Engagement Ceremony

    5. Logistics for Ring Ceremony

    6. Gold and Diamond Jewellery for Engagement

    7. Makeup, Hairstyle, and Saree Draping

    8. Photography and Videography

  1. Pre-Wedding Photography session (Hiring a Photographer and apparel for that)

  2. Invitation cards for all the guests

  3. Naandi Ceremony (At home usually)

  4. Haldi Ceremony (Some have a small function at home. While others have an elaborate ceremony with Decoration, different kinds of exotic accessories, and clothes)

  5. Mehndi Ceremony (Usually held in respective homes. Here cost includes paying the Mehndi Artists)

  6. Sangeeth Ceremony (This is usually clubbed with the Mehndi ceremony. Includes Music and Entertainment expenditure.)

  7. Vara pooje / Bharat where the groom is received by the Bride’s family.

    1. Venue for Varapooje ( It is usually held on the previous day of the wedding at the Wedding Venue.)

  8. Venue, Photographer, Catering, for Muhurtham ceremony

  9. Reception

  10. Honeymoon

By the time you get to the Vara pooje stage, you’ll have other kinds of expenditure like:

  1. Vehicle Rentals for guests who are arriving from far away places.

  2. Lodging for all the guests that are arriving.

  3. Catering for the couple of days leading up to the wedding when you’ll have guests arriving for various ceremonies.

  4. Beauty and Spa treatments

  5. Clothes for all the family and friends (If you have a practice like that)

  6. Other miscellaneous expenses which varies from household to household.

This is a very general list of expenses but nonetheless, all marriages will definitely incur these basic minimum of expenses.

The list seems extremely intimidating but if you plan the whole process at an early stage, you will be able to fit in all of these on a budget.

Firstly, start off with making a list of things that you will need. It could be Wedding Sarees, Jewellry, accessories, etc.. Get a general idea in terms of the things that you have to buy and keep a list of things that you’re willing to compromise on.  A good way to think about this would be to divide items and services into buckets such as ‘must-have’ ‘ good-to-have’ and ‘luxury’.

Plan which side of the family will be spending on what. If you’re sharing costs, it's a good idea to sit with the two families and discuss so that you are not surprised later with a huge bill that you were not ready to pay for. Get on the same page with what both the families want.

Cut costs wherever possible. For example, if you don’t want to compromise on the lavish Wedding Reception dinner, then you can compromise on the food that you get for the days leading up to the wedding. Don’t compromise on the quality of the caterer but compromise in terms of number of dishes, especially sweets. Anyway the wedding food will be rich and heavy.

Make sure you take bundled services aka packages as much as possible. Multiple services from the same vendor means more savings. If you go for a full Wedding Catering Package, you will end up saving a lot more than having different caterers handling different meals during the event. The aim is not to only concentrate on expenses but to honestly value your time and bandwidth as well as that of your family. While the cheapest alternative may be to go and buy all the raw ingredients yourself, it is not a feasible option since there are better and bigger things to keep you engaged during that period.

Same goes for Photographers. There are now Photography packages which include everything from Pre-wedding photoshoot to the Wedding Reception. These kinds of packages are good for the service provider as well as your pockets.

Most importantly you have to be realistic about what your budget is and what you can expect from that. You can’t expect to get a custom designed, diamond-studded Wedding Lehenga with a very low budget. Hence, keep your expectations in check and work on your list with an approximate number in mind.

With all these things to keep in mind, you can imagine how hard it is to organise a wedding.  If just the budgeting involves so many decision-making steps, think about what talking to vendors and coordinating with them entails. This is where we come into the picture.

Matrimony Bazaar is the complete Wedding Solution that you’ll need. We can help you plan a wedding within your budget and our Wedding Planning Experts will definitely take a huge burden off your chest. Bazaar’s Wedding Assist service not only lets you pinpoint the perfect vendor for your needs but also coordinates and negotiates with them to get you the best deal.

The assigned Wedding Planning expert will be your go-to person to ask for all the wedding related queries. You don’t have to make multiple calls to the Caterers or Photographers. Our expert will be your one point of contact making Wedding planning as easy as pie.

Just let us know your requirements and we’ll get in touch with you. Hire the best wedding service providers easily with our help. For more info you can email us on or call us on +91 8124222266.

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