How to Get Married during the Corona Virus Outbreak

While the outbreak of COVID-19 has made the world fear for life, imagine the plight of people whose weddings are in line? What to do? Click here to know

‘Love in the time of Corona’

The novel coronavirus outbreak has taken all nations by storm. With more and more people getting affected every day, it is imperative that we take drastic measures to stop the spread of this deadly virus and flatten the curve. But what about weddings?

We’re sure that a lot of us had planned a lot of things for the year 2020. From getting married to going on that first international trip - 2020 was a year that everyone thought would fulfil their dreams and a year that would tick a few items on their bucket lists. 

And then came Corona. 

What if you had planned your beautiful wedding this time around? What if you had made all the payments for that amazing destination wedding in Paris? This is definitely scary. In these trying times, here are a few things to keep in mind if you're planning a wedding during the corona outbreak in India:

First things first: Facts before panic

Thanks to all the WhatsApp forwards, panic-y TV news updates, and whatnot, it is easy and human tendency to panic. But there are hard facts around to keep you sane during these times. Refrain from consuming and spreading fake and sensationalised news. Read from reliable and scientific sources like the articles published by WHO, BBC, etc.. Keep calm and don’t hoard provisions and other necessary goods.

  1. Reschedule the wedding

This is the hard truth. Deferring the wedding ceremony to a later date not only keeps you safe but also helps contain the infection to a great extent.

All your relatives and friends might be far away and would have to travel to the wedding venue. This is risky considering how most airports are high-risk areas for someone to catch the virus. Moreover, a wedding is a celebration and time for friends and family to get together. With all this chaos around, you might want to postpone the celebration to a later date when it is safe for everyone to travel.

It is our duty towards mankind to contribute even in a small way and for now, the best way is to maintain social distancing.

In case you can’t reschedule the wedding then here are a few alternatives:

  1. Perfect chance to have that intimate wedding ceremony

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding void of unnecessary people and toxic relatives? This often doesn’t become a reality for a lot of couples because of their parents who want all their relatives and friends to witness this moment. However, due to restrictions on large gatherings, you can have your dream intimate ceremony with 25 people, 50 people, or maximum up to 100 people.

Invite only those who are near and dear to you and get married to the love of your life. 

Bonus - this will reduce your wedding budget drastically!

  1. Live stream the wedding

Just like news spreads fast nowadays, the world is becoming smaller as well. This gives you the perfect chance to live stream your wedding to your wedding guests! Be it Skype, Hangouts, IG live, or FB live - choose your poison and set a time and date. Inform all your guests, domestic and international, to be ready. You can get married in a very intimate ceremony and all your wedding guests can join online.

This way you can have the cake and eat it too. Neither you nor your guests are at risk, at the same time, you are now married!

  1. Say absolutely no to destination weddings

Destination weddings are fancy, trendy, and fun but not now.
A lot of travel by you and your guests is required to reach the destination. It is very risky during the outbreak. What if you have always dreamed of getting married in Paris, or even Kerala? Well, you can always postpone your wedding date to a later date or, get married in a small ceremony for now and have a destination wedding reception when it's safe to travel.

  1. Court / Registered marriage

You just need a bride, a groom, and two witnesses to have a court marriage. However, with all schools, colleges, and banks being closed, make sure you check if the offices are open during the outbreak.

  1. Empathise if your guests refuse to attend the wedding

You might want your favourite aunt at your wedding or your bestie who stays in England. It is quite natural to expect loved ones to be present when you get married but also have an open mind if they refuse to attend your wedding. Especially when older people and kids are at risk, please don’t threaten the guests by saying ‘You’re dead to me’ or ‘I hate you.’ After all, if they are so important to you, you wouldn’t want them to suffer because of the virus. 

Corona or not, we have to move on with our lives and not halt everything. Being precautious is the way forward. Make sure you let the wedding Caterers, wedding Venue managers, wedding Decorators, etc., know about your plans well in advance. Especially for catering, if you have opted for catering for 1000 people, and are expecting only 100 people, please let the caterer know and they will deliver accordingly. 

As for the wedding day, keep hand sanitizers, soaps, and clean water readily available at all times. Maybe you can even decorate the hand sanitizer bottles to make it look trendy and attractive!

If you want to organise a small wedding party from the comforts of your homes, fret not. MatrimonyBazaar is here to the rescue. Just give us a call on 812 422 2266 or email us on and plan a hassle-free wedding.

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