How to Choose Gold Jewellery for your Wedding?

Read on to know about things to consider before buying your gold bridal jewellery.

The oomph of priceless gold jewellery is still as noticeable as ever. Timeless gold jewellery sets last a lifetime and are great heirlooms to pass on. However, a new trend is shaping its sturdy existence in the world of wedding jewellery in the name of Artificial or imitation jewellery. When imitation jewellery sets have a lesser price tag and come in various designs, it can get tempting. IF you want to purchase authentic jewellery, then here’s a guide on how to choose Wedding Gold Jewellery:

1. Mind Your Finances - Easy On the Pocket

Marriages can be expensive and bridal jewellery can take up a significant amount of your budget. But you can at all times select and spend wisely. Draft a wedding budget according to the sum you wish to spend on the jewellery. The most important thing to remember is that gold jewellery is a long-term asset that can be passed on to the next generation. Hence, spend accordingly because every bit of your wedding jewellery will be treasured by you for years to come. 

2. Beautiful Forever- Wearing ability And Practicality

Jewellery is designed to add to your beauty. Be sure to select pieces that you will want to wear again and again. Gold jewellery is the only option which can last forever. Select jewellery pieces that are timeless like an antique neckpiece or a Diamond Maatha patti and not ones that are in trend currently. If something is in fashion now, chances are they will be out of flair in the future. 

3. Primary Choice - Outfit or jewellery?  

The outfit should match the jewellery you have, or it can be the other way round as well. A good choice would be to select traditional embroidery like zardozi, tilla, and light thread work, as it synchronizes well even with Swarovski gems. 

Weddings are perhaps the only time where buying gold tops the charts in India. Gold has a timeless beauty and showcases the insignia of supremacy and prosperity, and the inclination endures till date. Therefore, it is wise to invest in gold during the wedding season as it gives a sense of financial security and supremacy to a bride-to-be and also adds an oomph factor to her beauty. 

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