Dishes You Should Not Miss Out at a South Indian Wedding

Planning to visit a South Indian Wedding? Take a look at some of the dishes that you should not miss out at a south Indian wedding.

The beautiful aromas coming from the kitchen of a wedding venue is something amazing. If it is a South Indian wedding they elevate their menu not only on the scale but also on the variety of lip-smacking delicacies that is spread out. These weddings are a guaranteed bet to treat your tummy. 

Let us take a look at some of the dishes that you should not miss when you are at a South Indian Wedding: 

The crowd favourite - Dosa 

This crowd-pleaser has its own reserved place in South Indian weddings. No one ever eliminates a dosa from their menu and it is almost like a staple South Indian breakfast, even at weddings. Would you like a new spin or twist? Dosa offers that too. It has plenty of options like masala dosa, onion dosa, ghee dosa, and a very big list of new and cool twists like schezwan dosa, cheese dosa, etc..

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The famous Idli 

Just like the Dosa, there is no South Indian wedding breakfast without Idli and coconut chutney. This is a combination that can never go wrong. Pair it up with onion and tomato chutney and it is a winner every time. If you want something amazing added to this combo, try vada (another famous fried dish) with the same chutney and sambar. 

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Puttu and kadala curry 

This is the most popular breakfast dish from Kerala. The puttu (made up of rice) and kadala (black beans) is a yummy and tummy-filling dish that you cannot afford to miss. 


This is one of the exclusive dishes belonging to southern India. Every part of South India has its own version of sambar and surprisingly all of them are unique and wonderful. It not only serves well for lunch with rice but also as a side dish to the morning breakfast staples. 

Kootu and Poriyal

Kootu is essentially made with dal, lentils, and vegetables cooked to a mush. They are then tempered with oil, mustard seeds, and some greens like coriander and curry leaves. This staple finds its way into almost every South Indian plate. 

Poriyal is one or multiple vegetables stir-fried in a pan in different ways. It is a vegetable curry used as a side dish for white rice. 


Avial is an integral part of the Sadhya (banana leaf feast in Kerala). This scrumptious dish has overcooked mushy vegetables cooked with curd, ground coconut, and tempered with an overdose of coconut oil and curry leaves. 

There are some mythological stories surrounding the origin of avial. One of the widely known stories relates Aviyal to the times of Mahabharata. It is believed that Bhima (one among the Pancha Pandavas) cooked this dish at King Virata’s palace during his exile. Apparently, he boiled some veggies, topped them with coconut, and tempered with coconut oil. 


This is a superstar dish among all the dishes in India. Everybody wants a handful of this delicacy. The history of biryani is not quite solid, but historians seem to agree on the fact that Biryani originated from western Asia. While some believe that it was brought to the Malabar coast by some Arab traders, others believe it was made by the Mughals to feed their army. Whatever be the history, Biryanis are crowd pullers and it never fails to tickle your taste buds.   

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Every region in the South cooks the biriyani in a different way. Here are some of the famous biryanis from the South: 

  • Hyderabadi Biryani 

The world-famous Hyderabadi biryani is something you can never afford to miss. Layers of rice made with flavourful masalas are amazingly divine. Pair it up beautifully along with onion raita to complement the aromatic flavours. 

  • Thalassery Biriyani

This rich biriyani from a part of Kerala is loaded with nuts like cashews and raisins. The Kaima rice/Jeerakasala is cooked separately with ghee and spices while the masala with Chicken/mutton/veggies gets cooked separately. They are then put together in a dum to infuse the flavours. 

  • Dindigul Biriyani

The Dindigul biriyani is pretty simple to cook if you have all the ingredients. Dindigul Biryani is made with short-grain rice which is locally available. Some famous restaurant chains make the Dindigul biriyani with the seeraga samba rice, which is believed to enhance the taste and is healthy compared to the basmati rice. 

These are the most famous biryanis that you will find in South India. Every region has its own way of making this rice dish and every family adds their own twist to their recipe. 

Kodi Pulao

Kodi pulao is a pulao made with chicken/mutton in Andhra cuisine. 

This dish is very specific to the region of Andhra and Telangana. There are different types of Kodi pulaos such as Raju Gari Kodi pulao, Konaseema Kodi pulao, Gadwal Kodi pulao, etc.. Just like other traditional dishes from the Andhra region, this pulao is generally spicy. 

Vatha Kuzhambu or Kaara Kuzhambu

Kaara Kuzhambu or Vatha Kuzhambu is a dish that is made in different ways across households. It is usually made with onions, tomatoes, and garlic. There are different vegetables like onion, tomatoes, pumpkin, etc.. that can be added to this kuzhambu and it is served with white rice, poriyal, and kootu. 

Fish Fry

Fish fry is very common in weddings where non-vegetarian dishes are served. Apart from fish fry, chicken fry, mutton fry, and some more seafood dishes find their way into the plates of the guests.  

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Bisi bele bath 

This dish comes straight out of the heart of Karnataka. There are a lot of different varieties to this one dish and every family has their own traditional way of preparing this lentil-veggie rice. This classic dish is a heartthrob at every South Indian wedding. 

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Puliogare is a rice dish with a tangy tamarind twist that can be made easily. Cuisines like Iyengar cuisine strictly require puliogare in their wedding menu. This rice goes really well with kootu, poriyal, salad, papads, or any other side dish you will usually find in a South Indian wedding

The tangy Rasam 

This tangy and soupy dish is a sure treat to your taste buds and your digestive system too. Pair it up with rice and a poriyal (just like sabzi in North India) for accompaniment. This is something that your digestive system needs after a wholesome wedding meal. 

Payasam for the dessert 

Finish off your delicious meal with a creamy and sweet payasam. Payasam is made out of milk, rice, ghee, sugar, and a lot of other exciting ingredients to end your meal in the perfect way. 

These commonly found dishes in a South Indian wedding can help you to a great extent while you are planning your wedding menu

Every tradition in India has its authentic style of making dishes with different staples. You just need the right wedding caterer from the right region to elevate your wedding menu to a whole new level. 

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