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“There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.”

– Martin Luther

In India, weddings are full of life and colour. It’s a bliss to watch the happy faces filled with excitement and fun. After all, it’s a day which is worthy of all the hype it gets. Formerly, weddings in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana used to last for 16 days and was called Padaharu Rojula Pandaga (sixteen days of celebration.) 

They have several rituals including the Nischyadaartham (the Engagement ceremony,) Kashi Yatra (a tradition where the groom pretends to move to Kashi to attain eternal bachelorhood,) Edurukolu (a ritual where the bride’s family convinces the groom and vice versa to marry each other,) and many more. Another amazing ritual is the Mangalasnanam ceremony. Read more to know everything about the Mangalasnanam ritual.

What is Mangalasnanam?

Mangalasnanam literally translates to an auspicious bath. In this ceremony, the pellikuthuru (bride-to-be) and pellikoduku (groom-to-be) have a holy bath before proceeding for any other wedding rituals. Usually, this is done separately with their respective families and is an intimate ceremony. 

Procedure to perform the Mangalasnanam ritual

For this ritual, a paste is prepared by adding turmeric, kumkum, and sandalwood, similar to the Haldi ceremony paste. The Sumangalis (married women) of the respective families apply this paste on the face, hands, and feet of the bride and groom-to-be. Along with this, they also apply oil on the bride and groom’s hair. 

Once this is done, family and friends take a specially designed vessel called the Mangalasnanam Jalleda to sprinkle water on the prospective bride and groom. The Mangalasnanam Jalleda is a sieve - a vessel which has pores on it. The Jalleda is held on top of the bride and groom-to-be. The holy water, with flower petals, is poured through the Jalleda which acts as a shower thus distributing the water flow evenly.

Significance of the Mangalasnanam ritual

This ritual is done to purify the soon-to-be bride and groom, spiritually and physically. The paste that is applied has medicinal benefits: Turmeric, being an exfoliating agent, soothes the skin; Sandalwood is an anti-ageing product which also helps to reduce acne and skin tan; Kumkum makes the skin look young and healthy. Some people also believe that this ritual is performed to ward off evil spirits. 

Usually, after this ritual, the bride and groom-to-be are on house arrest and aren't allowed to leave their houses until the wedding day. This is to avoid the suntan, harmful rays, and possible infections.

Apart from this, performing the Mangalasnanam ritual comforts the bride and groom and is equivalent to a spa day before the wedding. The anxiety of the wedding makes them nervous and to nullify the stress, this ritual is performed. The holy bath calms their mind and makes them ready for the upcoming wedding day

Venues for Mangalasnanam

Mangalasnanam ritual is quite similar to the Haldi ceremony. As this ritual is often considered a celebration, it definitely needs a perfect venue which has a party vibe. Here are some ideas for the Mangalasnanam venues:

  1. Backyard

Have a big backyard? Then go for it! Nothing is as beautiful as an outdoor venue full of greenery and fresh feel. As the ingredients used for the Mangalasnanam ritual are applied on the skin, they are safe for the plants as well. Having a swing in the backyard is simply a bonus.

  1. Terrace

An alternative to the backyard is the terrace. Lots of creative DIY decor ideas can be implemented here, which uplifts the elegance of the ritual. Not to mention that it is budget-friendly as well.

  1. Mandapam 

Some Kalyana mandapams will have exclusive space for the Mangalasnanam ritual. If you have booked the mandapams beforehand, you will be lucky to find one with an exclusive area for this ritual. 

  1. Temple

Traditionally, Mangalasnanam was performed in a temple. This is because of the temple’s divinity and abundant availability of holy water. If you are a person who prefers to perform the ritual in a classic way then this is your go-to venue.

  1. Resorts

A fancy way to perform Mangalasnanam is to opt for a resort. There are some resorts which have creative spaces exclusively for the Mangalasnanam ceremony. All you have to do is to enquire with them and book the appropriate one. 

Mangalasnanam outfits for the bride

In South Indian weddings, the bride is expected to wear sarees for most of the rituals. She needs to change more than two sarees in the span of an hour or so. In Mangalasnanam ritual, however, your attire can be flexible. Here are a few Mangalasnanam outfits which are apt: 

  1. Sarees

If you are a person who believes in old is gold, then this is the perfect outfit. A bright yellow-coloured saree is all it takes to rock the look. From various saree designs to the draping style, Mangalasnanam has seen a lot of style-statements with sarees. 

  1. Salwar Kameez

This is for the brides who believe that comfort is the key. The best combination is a yellow salwar with pink dupatta. From Patiala style to the palazzos, you can explore various designs for this ritual. 

  1. Lehenga

For all the brides who dreamt of Dilwale Dulhania Leh Jayenge, Lehengas are the perfect attire for Mangalasnanam ritual. The grandeur of this attire is unmatched and makes the bride look awe-inspiring. 

  1. Fusion wear

For all the tomboy brides out there, here’s an attire which makes you look badass. You can include a crop top with a simple lehenga skirt or wear a trouser-style (dhoti-style) saree. A simple kurta with ankle-length leggings can also give a quirky look. Go on brides, explore your way of wackiness here!

  1. Gown

Be it a plain yellow gown or the one with traditional temple design, a gown definitely makes you the showstopper. If you prefer hassle-free attire, then this is perfect.  

Jewellery for Mangalasnanam 

The speciality of Mangalasnanam ritual is its distinct floral jewellery. The chain is combined with pearls and bright coloured flowers like daisies, lilies, or roses. The same flowers are combined to make bangles and earrings. Some people also wear matha patti, and maang tikka (forehead jewellery,) or a crown made of flowers.

Mangalasnanam outfits for the groom

While there are unlimited choices for the bride, why should the groom feel left out? Here are a few Mangalasasanam outfits for the groom which can make you look dashing. With these ideas, you will be ready to compete with the bride:

  1. Dhoti

This is a classic style for the Mangalasnanam ritual. A white dhoti is paired with a simple yellow shirt. For all the grooms who wish to have a traditional ceremony, this would be your perfect attire. If you aren’t comfortable in this outfit, then velcro dhotis are just for you. Another option is to wear a belt to avoid a wardrobe malfunction at your wedding!

  1. Kurti pyjamas

This is the most comfortable attire that you can wear during a wedding ritual. Combine yellow Kurti with white pyjamas and you are done. It is common that designers have come up with innovations with this style. Be it the Pathani Kurtis or Dhoti Kurti, this attire never goes out of style. 

  1. Kurta waistcoat

One way to experiment with your attire for this ritual is to go for a waistcoat. The usual combination is a white kurta with a yellow waistcoat. For grooms who want to jazz up the plain kurta, a waistcoat can add that quirky touch.

  1. Sherwani

Sherwani is a fancy selection for the Mangalasnanam ritual. This perfectly suits for all the grooms who want traditional yet stylish outfit. A simple yellow-white Sherwani is all it takes to turn all the eyes around, towards you.

Decor ideas for Mangalasnanam

Mangalasnanam is a ritual which welcomes any style of decoration. Anybody out there interested to show your creativity? Well, this is the perfect platform. Here are our creative decor ideas for the Mangalasnanam ritual:

  1. Flowers

The aroma and look of flowers never ceases to steal the show. You can opt for a rangoli design using roses, daisies, and marigolds. You can also combine some bouquets and garlands and decorate the stage area. Also, try combining varieties of flowers and hanging them near the entrance or the stage area.

  1. Satin cloth

If you’re bored with flowers, then satin cloths are a great idea for decoration. The main reason to include satin cloth in Mangalasnanam decor is its elegance and richness. You can combine satin cloth with flowers and make a background for the stage. If you have a swing for the to-be bride or groom, then it can be decorated with the satin cloth.

  1. Eco-friendly decor

If you want an eco-friendly wedding decor, saplings on the entrance are one of the creative options. Use recycled cardboard and cloth bags for decor. Another alternative is to have a bag of seeds, a sapling in a jute basket to decorate the dining area. This way, you can plant these seeds and hence not contribute to the pollution. Click this wedding story for some incredible ideas.

  1. Mangalasnanam lotus

If there’s any decor specific to the Managalasnanam ritual, then it is the Mangalasnanam lotus. It is a special seat made in the shape of a lotus. This special seat is reserved for the soon-to-be bride and groom. It can be designed using flowers or clothes. There are many places where one can find readymade lotus design seats

  1. DIY Decor 

Wanna be more creative? Consider DIY decor options. It is an economical choice whilst exploring different options to decorate the venue. Nothing can be less creative in this fun ritual. Put in all your unique ideas on an origami paper or prepare paper pinwheels. You can experiment with these pinwheels by using flowers as well. Have old jars or bangles or any fancy stuff? Here’s the best place where you can show your skills by using them.

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