How to Hire an Emcee for your Wedding?

A large part of any event’s success depends on how well-engaged and entertained the guests are. This is where the role of an emcee is of utmost importance. Emcee is a colloquially-used term while referring to a master of ceremonies. Emcees are often called hosts or anchors as well.

Hosting a wedding is never an easy task and needs a lot of preparation and groundwork. Matrimony Bazaar has curated a list of professional emcees who will ask you dozens of questions and will have lots of queries about the event, the guests and their profiles, the content, and the purpose of the event. We know that sounds like an imposition upon first glance, but trust us - it is a good thing. This helps the emcee to get well-acquainted with the background of the event. All the relevant information and stories should be kept handy in case they are needed during the event.

The best emcees are always the best at capturing the audience’s attention quickly and setting the mood for the wedding, be it a Reception or a Sangeet ceremony. It is always satisfying to see your guests involved and having fun. A good Emcee will make the guests feel like they are a part of the event, so that they don’t get restless or impatient, and instead have fun.

A skilled Emcee is always a master of storytelling; narrating real-life anecdotes in a way that is amusing and engaging to the crowd. A clever emcee is always ready to spark the imagination of the guests by thinking quickly on their feet and reconnecting to the audience when need be.

The true talent of a great Emcee lies in their ability to connect with the entire audience. Obviously, you want your guests to feel important and it is the emcee’s job to do this. They must know how to build a rapport with the audience in the beginning itself, because the first impression is the best impression. He / she should always be ready to motivate the audience to participate, keeping them inspired throughout the length of the entire program.

At Matrimony Bazaar, we understand that communication is not only about speaking but involves a great deal of listening, as well. Our emcees will “listen” for hints from the members of the audience, in the hopes of building a connection with them. This listening process helps them understand the pulse or the mood of the audience and therefore regulate the tempo of the program as desired. Our professional emcees will constantly seek feedback (in a subtle manner), which not only helps them set the right vibe, but also grants the ability to give the audience what they want.

There is this popular notion that in order to become a good emcee, one needs to be very social and outgoing. Although, this may be true to some extent it always feels good to know that your emcee expresses maturity, flexibility, and is well-behaved at all times. These are just some of the qualities our partner emcees at Matrimony Bazaar portray.

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