Having arranged happy marriages all over the world, we know that the key to a good wedding is wholesome food, good music, and traditional rituals. However, over the past few years, we have noticed that no matter how traditional the wedding is, almost every Indian wedding reception or Sangeet ceremony involves a Disc Jockey (DJ). 

The truth is that most people don’t really worry about finding the right wedding DJ. Instead, we tend to focus on the other things on our to-do list, like the food, venue, decor, and wardrobe. Leaving very little time to invest in the right wedding entertainment options. 

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Which begs the question -

Why hire a DJ in the first place?

If you’re thinking that all a DJ does is open a laptop and push random buttons - then you’re wrong. 

  •  A DJ’s job is to make sure everyone’s having a good time. If it’s playing old classical music or the latest pop hits, a DJ reads the room and makes sure everyone’s having a good time. 

  • A DJ coordinates with the lighting team to set the right vibe for your special evening. 

  •  A DJ can also double as the emcee or the anchor for the night and can even host wedding games, karaoke sessions, and lots more for your guests.

  •  Hiring a DJ can be the difference between an empty dance floor and a full one.

Now that you know about the positive impact a DJ has at a wedding, let’s look into

How to hire a DJ:

  1. The type of DJ you want

Now, when the word DJ strikes our heads, we immediately imagine someone in their early 20s’ playing all the latest hits. This is true to some extent but is not necessarily the case for all weddings. When hiring a DJ for your wedding, look for DJ’s who is specialised for weddings. You’ll be surprised at the number of professional DJ’s who exclusively perform at weddings. These Dj’s will have the know-about on what kinds of music and entertainment options would work best for a wedding. 

To find DJ’s who perform at weddings, you can do the google search or head on over to MatrimonyBazaar and find verified and reputed wedding DJ’s. If you’re looking to ditch the traditional wedding DJ’s and want something more club-like, then hiring a DJ from local clubs near you would work best. At times, local club DJ’s are affordable when compared to wedding DJ’s.  

If you’re really feeling it and want to create a “Tomorrowland” (Belgian electronic dance music festival) experience at your wedding, then going all out and hiring a renowned DJ makes total sense. This option may be expensive but is totally worth the experience. 

  1. Ask for a sample performance/recording

Once you have zeroed in on your wedding DJ, ask for a sample performance/recording. A sample is a small snippet of their performance. This could be a sample of their songs or a live video of their performance. This is important, as it gives you an idea of the vibe the DJ would create on your wedding.  

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  1. Safe to play and not-safe-to-play music

We all have music that we like that has some kind of vulgarity or profanity in it. Your wedding DJ may just end up playing a song that has some form of vulgarity in it. The collective gasp from all your older relatives is buzzkill enough to let everybody’s vibes down. Think in advance and let your DJ know what songs you would like to play and what you wouldn’t.

  1.  Happy guests = Happy weddings

A DJ can really make or break an evening. Ask your DJ, what would they do if the crowd seemed boring. Based on their responses, this would give you a fair idea on the DJ’s abilities. You can start by asking questions like :

  1. How would you switch things up if the crowd doesn’t seem interested? 

  2. Would you take song requests?

  3. Would you be willing to emcee as well?

  1. Get a contract

The cardinal rule is to always get a contract when working with a wedding service partner. If the service partner is not willing to work with a contract, then its best you do not do any business with the partner. The same goes for hiring a  DJ. Make sure all the details like fees, duration, date, time, and location are all clearly mentioned. 


  1. If all else fails, pull out the old aux cable and get partying!

In the unfortunate event that your wedding DJ does not show up, have a backup playlist ready to go. Just remember to switch the tracks every now and then, and have a friend help you do this. 

If its a dance troupe, an emcee, or a DJ, you can count on us to find the best wedding entertainment, right here at MatrimonyBazaar. If you need help planning your wedding, head on over MatrimonyBazaar’s WeddingAssist, where a dedicated wedding planning expert will take care of all your wedding planning needs. Our wedding planning expert will help you find the best wedding services. From wedding catering, wedding decoration, wedding photography, and much more. 

If you’d like to talk to us or have additional queries that this website did not answer, you can email us on care@matrimonybazaar.com or call us on +91 - 812 422 2266