How to hire a DJ for your Wedding Reception or Sangeet?

Having arranged tonnes of happy marriages all over the world, we know that people enjoy a traditional wedding with wholesome food, and all the elaborate rituals. However, over the past few years, we have noticed that no matter how traditional the wedding is, almost every single Indian wedding reception and Sangeet ceremony involves a Disc Jockey (DJ.)

The truth is that, most people don’t really worry enough about getting the right DJ. Food, decor, venue, and the never-ending list of things to arrange for a big event like a wedding, leaves very little time to invest on the entertainment options.

Now, you might think “Can’t anyone with a laptop and loud speakers play music?” Think again. Imagine having to catch your breath because of the super-fast-paced music, or having to wait during an annoying pause between two songs when you are in the zone with your friends. A DJ’s job is not just limited to playing the music, but also involves reading the mood and energy levels of all the guests in the room, so that everyone has a memorable time.

At Matrimony Bazaar, we connect you with the most professional and talented DJs. At the most important event of your life like your wedding reception, you definitely want a professional handling the music. The DJ usually coordinates with  other service providers such as the photography and videography teams. This is usually in order to let them know when the important moments in the function are about to come up. They also coordinate with the lighting team to set the right vibe for your special evening.

There is a considerable amount of preparation and coordination that constitutes a DJ’s homework before a wedding. Here at Matrimony Bazaar, we don’t want you worrying about problems such as technical issues, hard drive or other storage-related mishaps, or equipment-related goof-ups. Our DJs will take the extra effort to make sure your programs go as per your plan in a smooth fashion.

No matter how the night is going, the DJ should be there to keep the crowd moving. She will always put in the extra efforts needed to make necessary announcements or play recommended or requested music - acting as an emcee or anchor as well. We also make sure that your DJ is appropriately dressed for the occasion, and stays off the drinks for the night.

It is a common misconception that DJs are too expensive and are booked out 16-18 months in advance. When you choose to plan your event with Matrimony Bazaar by your side, you need not worry about availability or exorbitant prices.

Always remember, an evening so special (hopefully) won’t ever come back again. So, make it the best, by choosing our services here at Matrimony Bazaar, to enjoy a hassle-free evening and make long lasting beautiful memories.

To plan your whole wedding seamlessly, do check out our Wedding Assist services where we assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to handle all event-related worries so that you and your family can stay stress-free during the most important event of your lives.

We also provide a wide range of services like catering, decoration, venue, and much more. Check out our wedding stories section to have a look at how we have helped many happy couples handle their weddings.

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