How to Find the Perfect Wedding Hall?

A wedding ceremony is where a marriage is formalised and the families meet and celebrate the union of loved ones. It's the event where two soulmates commit to something that is very exciting and possibly overwhelming.

It is very important to create great memories out of joyful moments because later down the line, these memories are going to be conversation starters when you sit down with your family and friends to look at photos, watch videos, or maybe just recollect fun stories. To have a good time reminiscing about your wedding, you should have a beautiful memory of the event to relive, and that can only happen when a perfect wedding is organized.

At Matrimony Bazaar, we understand the importance of your wedding and the memories you'll be creating. The key to having a great wedding function is booking a beautiful marriage hall / Kalyana Mandapam. It is very important to choose the right marriage hall/ Kalyana Mandapam because it sets the mood and the feeling of how the entire function is going to turn out. Shortlisting and choosing a marriage hall after going through a lot of hassle is a thing of the past because at Matrimony Bazaar, we have a wide range of marriage halls to choose from, and we'll match the perfect one to you in accordance with your requirements.

You might have various ideas about where and how you'd like to host your wedding ceremony. Our team at Matrimony Bazaar will cater to all your ideas to make sure that you feel relieved about the planning process your wedding ceremony. Here are a couple of aspects that make a marriage hall perfect in our books:

Parking Spaces

We understand that finding parking spaces outside marriage halls can be a very difficult task for guests. To mitigate that problem, we have marriage halls with an ample amount of parking space, so that your guests won't have to go through any hassle trying to park their vehicles - thereby, ensuring that they will enter the marriage hall with smiles on their faces.

Accommodation and Changing rooms

Wedding ceremonies usually take place over the span of a few days, due to which you might require rooms for various reasons. For example - changing rooms, rooms to accommodate guests, or rooms to accommodate families of the bride and the groom. We provide rooms inside and around the marriage hall or wedding venue that suit your needs.


It is important to ensure that the marriage hall can easily accommodate guests so that they can be seated comfortably, and also be able to easily move around. We provide AC (Air-conditioned) / Non- AC marriage halls with seating capacities ranging from 50-10,000 seats, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable. Just let us know what your expected guest count is and we’ll help you find a venue that is best-suited for those numbers.


One of the ways to keep the smiles on your guests’ face is to ensure that they have a great dining experience. If your guests are happy with the food, they'll surely remember your wedding ceremony forever. We have a variety of options available for dining, such as a traditional plantain leaf lunch, buffets, etc., across various cuisines. We have got the best caterers in town to take care of everything related to the food, to make sure that your guests will always remain happy. Irrespective of where you’re looking to conduct your wedding in India, we can help you find the perfect hall.

The services we provide that can be accommodated at the marriage hall range from catering services and decorations to photography and beyond.

Our dedicated and professional Wedding Assist team will help you manage all these aspects of booking a venue for the big day ensuring that you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is let us know what your requirements are here and the Matrimony Bazaar service team will help you connect with relevant venues and service providers.

In case you have any queries or if you wish to speak to our Wedding Assist team, you can email us on or call us on 0766 777 7822.